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2201 Reports to date
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Comment License plate When Where
full report 345 XXA - British Columbia 25 june 2018 Sidney
full report Driver threw out Burger King bag full of garbage and napkins. Skinny white male between 25-30 with mustache and blonde hair driving. He was in a SNC-Lavalin company vehicle. I was behind him from Saskatoon to Rosetown. 578 KYM - Saskatchewan 20 june 2018 Saskatoon
full report Driver was not even trying to be discreet. Not that it matters but driver acted like it was a right to throw a cigarette butt out the window. BWPX 261 - Ontario 25 june 2018 kitchener
full report Plate #ARJM 841. Took a picture of the plates. Young blonde girl with Pink I-phone proceeded to through tour the window paper napkins and paper out the window. Not a little bit lots. Threw stuff out twice. Have some respect for our environment. Driver almost hit a car as traffic stopped proceeded to drive on the shoulder to leap in front of two cars. No respect for human lives as well ARJM 841 - Ontario 24 june 2018 Whitby
full report BF5 75K - British Columbia 24 june 2018 Whistler
full report Had a Jesus Sticker on his back window... 620 WCE - British Columbia 23 june 2018 Vancouver
full report Tossed cigarette butt out window at red light. I'm pretty sure it was a female with short blonde hair, but couldn't quite tell. DD200E - British Columbia 21 june 2018 Surrey
full report Dropped outside of driver window against median. DM3O7G - British Columbia 22 june 2018 Victoria
full report East bound garbage truck had stryofoam litter flying all over hwy 1. Turned onto hwy 7 at 8:15 am then took the ramp to United Blvd I think. MJ 3631 - British Columbia 22 june 2018 Burnaby
full report I was driving behind the vehicle and witnessed the man driving flick his light cigarette butt out the window and when it hit the ground the butt exploded with sparks. EH100S - British Columbia 22 june 2018 Pit Meadows
full report Scary, sweaty male, seemed to have a bad twitch. Dropped his cigarette butt out the window while talking on his cell phone. D6-9518 - British Columbia 20 june 2018 Kelowna
full report Confronted person at red light, she stated she is not from Quebec. I told her to be responsible these butts are causing way too many fires put it out in your car. J80 BRN - Quebec 20 june 2018 Kelowna
full report A cyclist was biking by and noticed she threw a bottle out the window. He stopped and picked up the bottle and gave it back to the driver. Shortly after the driver threw the bottle out the window again. BRBP 276 - Ontario 19 june 2018 Hamilton
The guy threw his cigarette packaging out of the window, celephane, foil, etc...... before having a smoke and tossing that as well. BNT 9286 - Alberta 18 june 2018 Near Jasper
full report Threw a lit cigarette butt out the window.... after a 33 degree day. BD2 73E - British Columbia 17 june 2018 Langley
full report Smoke seen from van then cigarette on road. ER1252 - British Columbia 18 june 2018 South Surrey
full report FB3408 - British Columbia 17 june 2018 Maple Ridge
full report CM2 99E - British Columbia 17 june 2018 Vancouver
full report Asian driver threw cigarette out window DF7 89M - British Columbia 17 june 2018 Vancouver
Guy threw a lit cigarette out of his window. EW7 74G - British Columbia 14 june 2018 Delta
You can see he places The trash on the roof on purpose in the first photo and then he let it Fly away off the roof as They were driving BWR2537 - Alberta 15 june 2018 Namao
full report Slender East Indian Male, Short Brown Hair wearing a hoodie and smoking cigarettes. AD526W - British Columbia 14 june 2018 Surrey/New West
Threw about 2 or three butts out the window at a stop light. LM1554 - British Columbia 14 june 2018 Chilliwack
full report BAXS 406 - Ontario 14 june 2018 Mississauga
Turning left off of yellow head trail onto 127 street. Waiting for light to change and driver threw cig. Butt out the window. BVP-7130 - Alberta 3 june 2018 Edmonton
Driver threw lit cigarette out window CAHA 461 - Ontario 10 june 2018 Cambridge
full report 642 PHG - British Columbia 9 june 2018 Vancouver
full report The driver was flicking the ash from a cigarette out the driver's window. This car also had the N - new drover symbol on the back - I would like to see the drivers license taken away CC615M - British Columbia 9 june 2018 Nanoose Bay
full report BSX 9345 - Alberta 8 june 2018 Lac Des Arcs
full report Driver was also being reckless. He cut me during the exit from the highway onto Columbia St. At the intersection of Columbia St and Notre Dame he littered and tossed out cigarette butt. Just after the left hand turn signal from Columbia St and Summit Dr he cut off a red Toyota car. Was not signalling and was speeding erratically. PL631J - British Columbia 8 june 2018 Kamloops
full report BJW 1141 - Alberta 8 june 2018 Red deer
Cigarette was fully lit still!! 939XMX - British Columbia 6 june 2018 Maple Ridge
full report Lit cigarette thrown out the window of his car 912 XXC - British Columbia 7 june 2018 Victoria
The Lady left personal tax invoice paper pieces and mail with her address in several safeway plastic bags with lunch leftover trash. DON'T KNOW - Alberta 24 may 2018 Foothills
full report Female occupant flicked her ashes outside her car window on Hwy 97 approaching from Boucherie Road, and tossed the lit butt after the overpass approaching the Bennett Bridge. 917 TMC - British Columbia 6 june 2018 Kelowna
full report Idiot put garbage on his roof at a stop, then drove off. I followed and made him very aware of what he did. His response was to throw a empty water bottle out the window. AT0 38V - British Columbia 4 june 2018 Vancouver
full report Exited the highway shortly after. was westbound CEEY933 - Ontario 1 june 2018 Toronto
full report Guy left all his empty boxes in Ikea parking lot DR9890 - British Columbia 3 june 2018 Richmond
full report All 4 individuals in the car were tossing leftover food out the windows 366LNT - British Columbia 2 june 2018 North Vancouver
full report Cigarette butt right out the window!! Great way to start a forest fire! 5A152G - British Columbia 1 june 2018 Okanagan
full report This lovely young ass hole through his fully lite cigarette butt out his window on highway one. EK2710 - British Columbia 1 june 2018 Langely
full report Driver tossed the water bottle out their window. MC 3254 - British Columbia 1 june 2018 Malakwa
full report She did pick it up when I asked her to 005-WXR - British Columbia 31 may 2018 Parksville
full report Ugly dude, short black hair, tattoos on his arms, throws his cigarette butt onto the dry grass. EP6 94N - British Columbia 31 may 2018 Kelolwna
full report Older man with short grey hair driving, threw his cigarette butt out his window into my driving lane. DM9 24W - British Columbia 30 may 2018 Winfield
through smoke butt out the window right before the intersection of 100 st and 116 ave BYW1407 - Alberta 31 may 2018 Grande Prairie
full report AS34269 - Ontario 30 may 2018 Toronto
full report Still smouldering cigarette butt tossed from driver's side window at stop light. EK3 56A - British Columbia 30 may 2018 Surrey
full report The cigarette was lit. 167PBP - British Columbia 28 may 2018 South Surrey
FB965F - British Columbia 30 may 2018 Delta

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