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1751 Reports to date
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Comment License plate When Where
full report Driver threw out fast food bag and bottle from window onto the main road while driving. BPYP 816 - Ontario 18 june 2017 Etobicoke
full report BXZT 688 - Ontario 17 june 2017 Collingwood
full report Passenger threw out paper from the window while driving down the 401. BBJM182 - Ontario 17 june 2017 Milton
full report Man was eating pizza while driving and then threw the plate and napkin out the drivers window. U1-1418 - Nova Scotia 16 june 2017 Upper Sackville
full report passenger's arm kept coming out of the window until apparently the person felt the location was appropriate to throw the can towards the sidewalk just by a bus shelter AWAH 753 - Ontario 15 june 2017 St. Catharines
full report Driver and female passenger were laying/sitting in back of their parked car in the Wendy's parking lot. Driver threw paper and a bottle out of the car onto the ground. Passenger went to front of vehicle with Wendy's cup in hand and picked up cup from ground offering to person in vehicle parked beside. When the person in the other vehicle indicated they didn't want it, the passenger threw the cup into the bushes. GYXV587 - Ontario 15 june 2017 Hamilton
full report Tossed a redbull can out their window in the middle of the intersection DBX 663 - Nova Scotia 15 june 2017 dartmouth
full report Driver opened door and threw his garbage out AEPT 386 - Ontario 14 june 2017 Scarborough
full report 2 females got out of the vehicle & were yelling at each other. Driver (female) deliberately threw trash from her vehicle openly onto the street. CAVF 988 - Ontario 13 june 2017 London
full report Male passenger tossed bottle onto the front lawn of the Children's Museum. BRAY719 - Ontario 12 june 2017 London
full report Tossed empty pop bottle onto front lawn of the Children's Museum from passenger side of vehicle. BRAY 719 - Ontario 12 june 2017 London
full report BMSC130 - Ontario 11 june 2017 Toronto
full report Passenger threw garbage out the window while waiting in Starbucks drive thru, driver and other passengers encouraged the behavior BZLF540 - Ontario 10 june 2017 kitchener
full report Was not driving...Homeowner of 53 Isabella Way. Woman walking dog threw dark bag full of litter onto vacant lot across the street while walking dog. ARXC951 - Ontario 7 june 2017 Vaughan
full report AJTZ584 - Ontario 6 june 2017 Toronto
full report Several occupants in this vehicle & a small dog. Parked in a "No Parking " zone & upon exiting vehicle they threw out TRASH onto the street. CAVF 988 - Ontario 4 june 2017 London
full report Threw an empty water bottle towards two pedestrians on sidewalk. CBWF 864 - Ontario 5 june 2017 Oshawa
full report While driving behind red Ford pickup the truck box was full of garbage that was flying out into the roadway car swerving to miss getting hit by garbage boxes cups papers all kinds of trash. AJ94123 ONTARIO - Ontario 5 june 2017 Windsor
full report Passenger threw fast food bag and cup out of window onto highway shoulder. P39-JZG - Quebec 4 june 2017 Renfrew
full report I have a video showing the man throwing the bud and the car driving away. It also shows the cars licence plate. CL1O1H - British Columbia 3 june 2017 Langley
full report This Asian man wearing black t shirt, was speeding over speed limit. Throwing out 3 cigarette butts all the way from Victoria drive to Marine drive SE. 007SKJ - British Columbia 2 june 2017 Vancouver
full report Old beat up Ford pick up, silver in colour, back window is missing with a plastic tarp taped in place. This diver is a repeat offender, Bobcageon, Plantation and Queens Line is frequently traveled by this individual and the amount of garbage they have thrown onto the roads is absurd, they must litter at least twice a week. Mostly Tim Hortons cups and cigarette butts but often enough, entire paper bags of fast food garbage. 3852FS - Ontario 1 june 2017 Minden
full report 8758YJ - Ontario 1 june 2017 Hamilton
full report DD1 43J - British Columbia 1 june 2017 Tsawwassen
full report 3V7244 - Ontario 1 june 2017 Lasalle
full report JL 8718 - British Columbia 31 may 2017 Mill Bay
full report BSTN483 - Ontario 27 may 2017 Mississauga
full report continually flicked ashes out window and then dropped cigarette onto street, very hot here today ED037C - British Columbia 29 may 2017 Coquitlam
full report 542XCD - British Columbia 29 may 2017 Langford
full report BRH-2300 - Alberta 29 may 2017 Lethbridge
full report flat deck truck with some type of equipment on the deck was towing a trailer with high walls; trash spew continually all the time I was behind him (Morinville to Hwy 37) W559-95 - Alberta 29 may 2017 Sturgeon county
full report CH936R - British Columbia 28 may 2017 Vancouver
full report They also threw a cigarette butt BYTM 294 - Ontario 27 may 2017 PETERBOROUGH
full report This was a P&H milling group tractor trailer unit . 4XB6-54 - Alberta 26 may 2017 Nanton
full report Threw a smoking cigarette butt into a pile of dry leaves in the gutter, in front of the Chevron gas station at the NE corner of 4th Ave & MacDonald St. BA6899 - British Columbia 25 may 2017 Vancouver
full report Driver threw out McDonald's litter AYVK527 - Ontario 26 may 2017 Ajax
full report driver tosses cig butt out window next to a grassy median on Lougheed Hwy DT8 O2B - British Columbia 26 may 2017 Port Coquitlam
full report A women with a brown complexion in the passenger seat threw out a Starbucks clear plastic cup full of coffee. The Driver was male with a blue t shirt BZWF 729 - Ontario 25 may 2017 Toronto
full report I told him that it was still lit and it was littering. Drove away DR7O8C - British Columbia 25 may 2017 Victoria
full report This lady usually comes with a bucket with cleaning supplies, park in front of my home, have a smoke and then she trows the cigaret butt on the sidewalk. 68-M995 - Alberta 24 may 2017 calgary
full report BWCX 560 - Ontario 23 may 2017 Scarborough
full report was following vehicle when driver extended arm out window and dropped butt to pavement. given it looks to be a hot dry summer someone should at least give them a call. CA7 17E - British Columbia 23 may 2017 Vancouver
full report Guy intentionally threw trash from car. BVVV 102 - Ontario 23 may 2017 Toronto
full report Am not sure if she threw out a tamped out cigarette butt or a piece of paper. DR3 88K - British Columbia 22 may 2017 Nanaimo
full report Nearly sidewiped another car a minute later. CP5 18D - British Columbia 22 may 2017 Surrey
full report LBA435 - Alberta 22 may 2017 Deadman flats
full report Atleast two objects were thrown out this vehicle, one through the driver side, one through the passenger side. The latter ending in the ditch, but the driver side landed in the road and was what appeared to be a water bottle KW2272 - British Columbia 22 may 2017 North Saanich
full report BNW 8011 - Alberta 21 may 2017 calgary
full report AW999A - British Columbia 20 may 2017 Vancouver
full report First really hot day of the year and I see this. Use your head! 342NPE - British Columbia 20 may 2017 Victoria

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