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1708 Reports to date
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License plate When Where Comment Picture/Video
CASJ 277 - Ontario 21 september 2017 Scarborough Tossed cigarette butt out the driver side window. full report
APKH 986 - Ontario 21 september 2017 North York Tossed cigarette butt out the driver side window. full report
CBWD282 - Ontario 20 september 2017 Burlington There were several people in the car. The driver just kept throughout stuff from driver's side open window on a 100km speed. full report
CX-1824 - British Columbia 20 september 2017 Nelson Truck had a diesel gas tang in box. full report
AD96524 - Ontario 20 september 2017 Windsor Through cups out of window on the way to dropping kids off at school. Excellent example set for a group of young children. full report
BDJ8810 - Alberta 17 september 2017 Bragg Creek Woman driving man - with all of these fires this is absolutely unacceptable
DG9 16X - British Columbia 17 september 2017 Richmond Driving into airport towards departures and driver threw out a lit cigarette butt from window. full report
LA 8930 - British Columbia 16 september 2017 Between Peachland and Merritt McDonald's takeout. Hit our windshield. They have 2 motorbikes in the back of the truck. full report
DG9 54H - British Columbia 15 september 2017 Sechelt BC The passenger of this car tossed their cigarette butt out the window into brown dry grass. The car is a "Young Drivers of Canada" vehicle! full report
216MMR - British Columbia 10 september 2017 Chilliwack Tossed cigarette out the window full report
EH378T - British Columbia 9 september 2017 Chilliwack Flicking cigarette ashes out the window multiple times full report
CARJ 407 - Ontario 15 september 2017 Burlington Threw cigarette box our of driver window. full report
DRI 16K - British Columbia 15 september 2017 Nanaimo Young blond woman. full report
ET6 78N - British Columbia 14 september 2017 Prince George Driver tossed a cigarette butt, landed right close to the shrubs full report
AK15106 - Ontario 14 september 2017 Woodbridge full report
AS 86585 - Ontario 10 september 2017 Brooklin Sitting in a fire route and tossed his cigarette out the other side onto GRASS because he knew I was watching. Made sure he saw me take his picture.
DN6 48R - British Columbia 8 september 2017 Abbotsford In fast lane and young guy chucked big bag of fast food garbage out his window. full report
AVAH 150 - Ontario 7 september 2017 kitchener First the driver cut in front of me as I was in the left turning lane..note angle of his car in picture. Then he threw his cigarette butt out the window and within seconds lit up another one. The advanced left arrow then came on and he drove up to the intersection and stopped while the green arrow was still lit! I honked and his middle finger flew out the window! What a cool guy....lol
BZND162 - Ontario 8 september 2017 Toronto Throw a full bottle of something out the window while stopped in traffic, proceeded to yell obscenities at me when I beeped the horn at them
CG1 90P - British Columbia 7 september 2017 Ocean Park After speeding through a school zone they decided to toss a lit cigarette out of their car. Are people really this careless with everything going on? full report
651 MNH - British Columbia 7 september 2017 Langley I think car was white, but I was so stunned, I really can't remember. Young man. full report
JA 3780 - British Columbia 7 september 2017 Richmond Threw butt out window onto road full report
JR1564 - British Columbia 6 september 2017 Vancouver full report
679 TWW - British Columbia 5 september 2017 Vancouver full report
GVT 121 - New Brunswick 5 september 2017 Saint John A full cigarette tray was dumped in the parking lot. full report
DX1 88D - British Columbia 5 september 2017 Surrey Tossed lit cigarette
CD218E - British Columbia 5 september 2017 Langley Reported to rcmp full report
033XMA - British Columbia 5 september 2017 Delta Threw butt out window full report
UDX99M - British Columbia 4 september 2017 Chemainus Throwing empties one after another. 12 in all. Towing a large trailer. Gregsrv.com. full report
292 WCF - British Columbia 4 september 2017 Victoria Cigarette was lit fell on road. full report
EC151C - British Columbia 4 september 2017 Maple Ridge We just spent 2 hours due to a fire near Boston Bar that was started from a cigarette. There's no excuse for littering lit butts! full report
UDX 99M - British Columbia 4 september 2017 Duncan This truck was towing. Large trail or and it looked like passengers in the trail or were throwing empty plastic bottles and cans out the window on the drivers side. This happened between Chemainus and North Duncan. About 12 pieces of litter were thrown out. Driver must have been aware as he has mirrors and window was down
4XM1-82 - Alberta 3 september 2017 Cochin We were following this vehicle with a trailer attached and they threw out a Pepsi box and an old dutch chip box just before the park road. The truck plate couldn't be seen so a picture of the trailer is attached.
851AXH - British Columbia 2 september 2017 courtenay Miserable impatient horn-happy driver threw a cigarette butt out of her window full report
BP5 38D - British Columbia 2 september 2017 Langley Tossed a cigarette out the window towards the grass on highway 1 full report
EA5 63P - British Columbia 1 september 2017 Langley Flicked still lit cigarette butt out window. I watched sparks come out of cigarette as it fell onto the ground. full report
BNF 5744 - Alberta 1 september 2017 Acheson Passengers threw a banana peel out the window into the ditch full report
EJ9 82J - British Columbia 1 september 2017 Surrey
016 DWL - British Columbia 29 august 2017 Chilliwack Half our province is on fire, and people still don't get it! People who do this should have to go work a shift on the forest fires and see what the people who are cleaning up their messes and protecting our homes and towns have to deal with, or maybe they can go say sorry to someone who no longer has a house or any personal belongings because of a fire. full report
AN3 27H - British Columbia 27 august 2017 Yarrow full report
ET 3632 - British Columbia 30 august 2017 Kamloops Tornado of cans flew out of the truck bed all over the hwy, hit my car and others.driver proceeded to speed up to avoid confrontation. full report
CN1265 - British Columbia 28 august 2017 Naniamo
CF5 90K - British Columbia 26 august 2017 Chilliwack Flicking several ashes out the window while i was driving next to her.. 4 or 5 passengers in the car as well full report
685 MJM - British Columbia 22 august 2017 Chilliwack Flickin ashes out the window, weaving in and out of traffic at speeds aprox 80km or more in a 50km zone, right hand drive 2 doors and rear right broken light. All lettering faded on back not sure what kind of car it was full report
HJ4012 - British Columbia 23 august 2017 Hope Flickin his ashes out the window several times full report
EW2 78S - British Columbia 26 august 2017 Sidney full report
EV-4979 - British Columbia 26 august 2017 Nanaimo Threw out McDonalds trash between Aulds and Mostar, Plastic bottle between Mostar and Northfield , coffee cup between Northfield and Jinglepot south. real winner and great role model for his kids. full report
E43139 - Alberta 25 august 2017 Chase Driver tossed lit butt onto highway in front of me full report
014 MRW - British Columbia 25 august 2017 Langley Sitting at a red light and out from the driver's window comes an arm and drops a live butt on the road. Blasted my horn, but.....we all know the type we're dealing with. Wasn't 3 km down the road and I see her light up another. Would have followed her to see how she was going to dispose of that one but I had to make an appointment. full report

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