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2199 Reports to date
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Comment License plate When Where
Threw rubbish papers out of car after buying his cigerettes at the Needs. Thanked me for my opinion after i asked him to be a better human. Seriously! 79 38 - Nova Scotia 21 july 2018 Halifax
full report BXY 2094 - Alberta 13 july 2018 Kamloops
full report 2 elderly men in the car, 65+, both white hair and sunglasses. Driver was holding cigarette out the window and then flicked it on the road, still lit and half finished. It was 23 degrees and hot. There are currently 123 fires in BC. Not cool! 705 SVP - British Columbia 20 july 2018 Vancouver
full report Car throwing lit cigarette butts out window. 904 PFB - Quebec 20 july 2018 west kelowna
full report BEEZ758 - Ontario 20 july 2018 Toronto
full report Passenger and driver sitting in a parked car, partying it up for about half an hour, steady stream of cigarette butts being tossed onto the street. GM7 50B - British Columbia 19 july 2018 Surrey
full report SBA 990 - Alberta 18 july 2018 Edmonton
full report Dark coloured car. Was looking at license plate so didn't get car make. 778HVR - British Columbia 17 july 2018 Victoria
DK1 01T - British Columbia 14 july 2018 Langley
There is a garbage can once you drive passed your pick up window to the left. Some people have NO respect for Mother earth! 🤬 FR1 92R - British Columbia 16 july 2018 Abbotsford
full report Just so careless. ATOW1 - Alberta 16 july 2018 Kelowna
full report EDT 762 - Nova Scotia 16 july 2018 dartmouth
full report Some #@%! is throwing their TIM HORTONS garbage regularly right in front of an area with sign saying Keep Meaford Beautiful. Total neanderthals in pristine rural beauty. 000 000 - Ontario 13 july 2018 Meaford
full report FF6 74X - British Columbia 14 july 2018 Kelowna
full report Burning cigarettes cause fires. Please do not throw burning cigarettes or other garbage out of your car in the city, in the country, or in the forest. 875LLG - British Columbia 13 july 2018 Vancouver
Saw front passenger flick cigarette butt on ground outside of car at red light. 195 PTK - British Columbia 13 july 2018 Victoria
full report LH7592 - British Columbia 13 july 2018 Kamloops
It was a lit cigarette CBBK 394 - Ontario 13 july 2018 Vaughn
they threw out fast food bags out of window and seconds later cut off a transit bus very dangerously AN0 02K - British Columbia 12 july 2018 Port Coquitlam
full report BD800W - British Columbia 12 july 2018 Kelowna
full report Several times. The passenger through out take out containers and then more containers and then clothing N66PPZ - Quebec 12 july 2018 Okanagan Falls
full report It is currently +34 and forest fire will be started by idiots like this guy. It was still lit, and he looked around before he threw it out. MD 9845 - British Columbia 12 july 2018 Vernon
full report The driver and passenger of the vehicle threw liquor bottle as it broke on the sidewalk. There are kids and other people who use this sidewalk around the Via Romano Way Park. It tried to stop the people in Van but they sped away. CBEK 582 - Ontario 12 july 2018 Brampton
full report MG 1244 - British Columbia 11 july 2018 Burnaby
full report MC5667 - British Columbia 12 july 2018 Invermere
full report Cigarette sparks, did not even put it out, not sure if the licence plate is from BC, on driver side FCO 76V - British Columbia 11 july 2018 Kelowna
full report Z24-NJZ - Quebec 11 july 2018 Kelowna
full report PA 292H - British Columbia 11 july 2018 Oliver
full report CARP 654 - Ontario 10 july 2018 Alexandria
full report Chucking cig butt out window. Day of incident was actually March 27, 2018 BTFH 994 - Ontario 27 june 2018 PETERBOROUGH
Cig butt chucked out window. Go over to CCYM 525 - Ontario 5 july 2018 PETERBOROUGH
full report AEHK255 - Ontario 8 july 2018 Near Niagara Falls
full report BWLT 386 - Ontario 7 july 2018 GTA
full report KT7647 - British Columbia 6 july 2018 Kelowna
full report Large solvency Viking type male decided to toss take out container in an attempt to fool others that he may not have gorged on rendered pork products in the past hour. Car not London based so assume he somehow is in town to attend school or maybe court or perhaps just to sell some of his meth BLVX729 - Ontario 4 july 2018 London
full report Passenger throws out an empty bottle. BVYP 196 - Ontario 3 july 2018 Toronto
full report MK 2246 - British Columbia 4 july 2018 west kelowna
full report MD7221 - British Columbia 3 july 2018 Lake Country
full report Dark cherry coloured Buick suv. Threw cigarette butt out window that was still burning/smoking. Car was traveling south on Springfield, in left turning lane For Benvoulin road when incident occurred. blonde haired female driving. 065RMP - British Columbia 3 july 2018 Kelowna
Threw a bunch of tissues and other miscellaneous trash out the passenger window HN 7914 - British Columbia 2 july 2018 Squamish
full report Female passenger took last puff of smoke, then dropped the cigarette on the Mt. Doug park just north of Ash Rd. Seriously?! How do people NOT get it! 865PAA - British Columbia 29 june 2018 Victoria
full report FE3 14T - British Columbia 29 june 2018 Langley
full report Driver threw bottle out passenger window. HAV148 - Alberta 28 june 2018 Leduc county
full report Unshaven male with baseball cap. Black greasy hair sticking out. He had the Heavy Metal music cranked. He dropped his lit cigarette out the window. I gave him an exasperated look. He gave me the finger. BYV-1175 - Alberta 28 june 2018 west kelowna
full report GK5 87E - British Columbia 28 june 2018 Langford
The driver tossed cigratte butt of the window to the ground. The cigratte butt is visible on left side of the car. CDZK 152 - Ontario 27 june 2018 Whitby
full report Passenger, after exiting the VITP Interurban campus; about three blocks away finished his cigarette and thru it on the ground, out of his window. Right infront of dry piles of tree and leaf debris. Interurban road is full residential area; that is tree lined. FC651E - British Columbia 26 june 2018 Victoria BC
full report HXK842 - Manitoba 26 june 2018 Lockport
full report 345 XXA - British Columbia 25 june 2018 Sidney
full report Driver threw out Burger King bag full of garbage and napkins. Skinny white male between 25-30 with mustache and blonde hair driving. He was in a SNC-Lavalin company vehicle. I was behind him from Saskatoon to Rosetown. 578 KYM - Saskatchewan 20 june 2018 Saskatoon

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