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2143 Reports to date
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Comment License plate When Where
Threw a banana peel on the street BZZH120 - Ontario 24 september 2018 Ajax
full report This vehicle was driving north bound on HWY 11 ahead of my vehicle in the right lane. I saw a cigarette thrown out of the window and sparks bounced across the road and into the ditch and grass on the right hand side. As I caught up to the vehicle I saw two men smoking (one in the drivers seat and one in the passengers seat). Shortly after the incident occurred they turned left onto HWY 50, exiting HWY 11. As it was dusk, I was unable to get an accurate description of their age. The driver seemed like a larger man with a baseball hat on and a beard. CCHW230 - Ontario 24 september 2018 Bracebridge
full report 727-HLP - British Columbia 23 september 2018 Abbotsford
full report Losers had car trouble with their crap ford and between them and their degenerate friends who came to help they left chinese food garbage in the parking lot of the Beamsville Town Center CCVP 156 - Ontario 22 september 2018 Beamsville
full report not cool....wanna throw trash on her lawn BZYM 348 - Ontario 19 september 2018 Windsor
full report Tossed a lit cigarette out the window in front of my car GDT588 - Nova Scotia 21 september 2018 dartmouth
full report 218JXB - British Columbia 20 september 2018 Victoria
full report GCY189 - Nova Scotia 20 september 2018 Enfield
I was in the take out lane at McDonald's and this car of what I assumed were four teenagers (looked like it anyway) kept throwing trash and cigs out the window (both driver and passengers). What a bunch of nobodies. CCHR 057 - Ontario 19 september 2018 Stratford
full report Both the driver and their passengers were littering profusely in the McDonald's drive-thru, and once again when they had parked to eat. CCHR 057 - Ontario 19 september 2018 Stratford
full report I was 10 feet away walking down the sidewalk when this treat finished her cigarette and threw it on the road. Didn't even wait until I had passed so I couldn't see. Just blatantly littered her disgusting cancer stick in front of me. BRWJ 972 - Ontario 19 september 2018 PETERBOROUGH
full report Stopped at intersection and dropped a whole handful of litter out of vehicle 892 RHJ - British Columbia 17 september 2018 Oliver
full report The driver threw out a carton of juice while deiving at 50 miles CEYK988 - Ontario 17 september 2018 North York
full report driver rolled window down and tossed a live butt from the car. The butt hit the roadway and you could see live sparks flying off it. BDL0449 - Alberta 16 september 2018 Red deer
full report Stop littering losers PL3 KRA - Quebec 16 september 2018 laval
full report LM 0552 - British Columbia 15 september 2018 Abbotsford
full report GH3 097 - British Columbia 15 september 2018 Kamloops
CFNE 720 - Ontario 15 september 2018 Brampton
full report Y96 NLT - Quebec 15 september 2018 Casselman
full report 301RXT - British Columbia 13 september 2018 Vancouver
full report Saw driver dump out a whole thing of cigarette butts AV65385 - Ontario 12 september 2018 London
full report Driver through several take out cups and other garbage CEDW 679 - Ontario 11 september 2018 London
full report Driver threw cigarette butt out the window. AD6 98C - British Columbia 8 september 2018 Abbotsford
full report DW546A - British Columbia 8 september 2018 Lions bay
full report Passenger through life cigarette butt out the window. BZD 8473 - Alberta 7 september 2018 calgary
full report We were driving behind them. My dad & i. The passenger threw a cigarette out the window and a bunch of ashes came flying out. Malahat highway. FV9 43V - British Columbia 6 september 2018 Victoria
Watched her smoke for a couple minutes and then toss it immediately out the window. Repulsive. ANYW058 - Ontario 5 september 2018 Innisfil
full report Through out two separate papers from the drivers window. CATY 120 - Ontario 5 september 2018 Rockland
full report Driver threw a cigarette butt out the driver's window. YCN-778 - Alberta 5 september 2018 Edmonton
full report I watched a younger woman and man dump there subway trash on the sidewalk in the NEWGEN building parking lot after putting their child in the back seat. FV2 75P - British Columbia 4 september 2018 Abbotsford
full report I WITNESSED THE DRIVER THROWING LIT BUTTS OUT THE DRIVERS WINDOW 200 THL - British Columbia 4 september 2018 Penticton
full report MK7954 - British Columbia 3 september 2018 Abbotsford
Driver was a female but the litterer (passenger) was male. FT9 95W - British Columbia 3 september 2018 Surrey
full report Disgusting CDCZ287 - Ontario 3 september 2018 Bradford West Gwillimbury
full report Older man in his 60s in the passenger seat discarded straw covers from the A&W they had just purchased from the drive thru. He pushed it out of his window as they turned westbound onto 101 ave. D71388 - Alberta 1 september 2018 Edmonton
full report Scottlyn transport threw 2 tim hortons coffee cups out the window onto the side of the highway. R2462H - Ontario 1 september 2018 St thomas
full report Woman who looked about middle age heading west on highway 19 tossed a cigarette out the window CBBD431 - Ontario 30 august 2018 Newmarket
full report Older male driver tossed cigarette butt out the window while driving down the highway. CDSV478 - Ontario 29 august 2018 Newmarket
full report Female driver rolled down window and threw out a brown paper bag full of garbage that splattered all over the highway, driver then proceeded to spit out the window. HJZ 160 - Manitoba 31 august 2018 Winnipeg
full report Three multiple cans out window. 382HNM - British Columbia 31 august 2018 Nanoose
full report Driver threw butt out of window - I let him know that I saw him right away G5 1128 - British Columbia 31 august 2018 Oliver
full report He threw a lit cigarette butt out his drivers window It was a dark blue Suzuki Jeep type vehicle GF7 48J - British Columbia 30 august 2018 Victoria
full report CFRA 111 - Ontario 30 august 2018 Meaford
full report CCED 484 - Ontario 30 august 2018 Burlington
AWEH 469 - Ontario 29 august 2018 Duncan
full report AV 28776 - Ontario 28 august 2018 Port Hope
full report Trash flying out of bed of truck for two miles AS66996 - Ontario 28 august 2018 Burlington
full report They threw the cigarette out of their passenger winder on the road close to some trees and plants. 007 PDG - British Columbia 27 august 2018 Port Coquitlam
Could not upload decent pic BMX-7086 - Alberta 27 august 2018 Maskwacis
full report EA9 92S - British Columbia 26 august 2018 Burnaby

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