Question As they are both illegal; why stealing an apple is done in hiding, and littering in plain sight?
Answer Because littering is still morally acceptable.
Litterer's plate/picture/video will be recorded here, forever, available to local authorities.
The more this wall of dishonor grows, the more the moral and legal pressure will grow.


2562 Reports to date
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Comment License plate When Where
full report Passenger threw his lit cigarette out the window after I asked him to stop ashing out the window. He had a few choice words for me. HN7 19W - British Columbia 18 august 2019 Penticton
BDEJ767 - Ontario 18 august 2019 Waterloo
full report the passenger threw a sandwich with the wrapping while the car was moving JL 7 18 K - British Columbia 17 august 2019 Abbotsford
full report Both driver and passenger threw full slurpie cups out window FT8 41K - British Columbia 16 august 2019 Vancouver
full report Truck may be dark blue or black. Hard to tell at night. Either way, what is wrong with people?! JA 9283 - British Columbia 14 august 2019 Kelowna
full report The passenger threw a can on the highway, silver can, looked like beer. F91 02K - Ontario 3 august 2019 espinola
full report threw cigarette butt out his sunroof onto highway.. what is wrong with people HA775J - British Columbia 14 august 2019 Abbotsford
Passenger was smoking away and ashing out window and then just chucked cigarette butt out window towards farmers fields. DF2 700 - British Columbia 13 august 2019 Fort st. John
full report Driver in a lifted dodge truck (grey) throwing out plastic bags and garbage from a meal out on the road while driving. Drove behind this vehicle all the way till Paisley where they turned off in town. AV 42475 - Ontario 11 august 2019 Paisley
full report Driving with no head lights on and threw cigerette out window going up drought hill after peachland then started doing way over spead limit. JJ9 94C - British Columbia 9 august 2019 west kelowna
full report Driver kept flicking his cig ashes out the window and eventually he threw the butt out the window. EP8 97K - British Columbia 9 august 2019 Mission
full report The driver was smoking and flicking his cigarette outside his window. When he was done, he just threw the cigarette butt on the road. JV6465 - British Columbia 8 august 2019 Delta
Passenger was smoking during the entire drive, saw smoke floating out of the open window. When there was a line of traffic in the park, the passenger threw the cigarette butt out the window, and it was still smoking. It appeared as though it was not fully snuffed out. There are many dried leaves, branches and twigs all along the road in Golden Ears park. The fact that it was in the middle of the park, filled with forest and potential dry areas, was very concerning. HE7 76J - British Columbia 5 august 2019 Maple Ridge
full report They pulled off the road in front of me into what appears to be a bus stop just long enough to dump French fries out of their car into the street and then the pulled back out and drove away. MBD32 - Nova Scotia 8 august 2019 Yarmouth
full report Caught throwing a cigarette butt out the window for about the 15th time. Sigh.... AKMM 463 - Ontario 8 august 2019 PETERBOROUGH
full report Woman looked like she was wearing a a Coast Mountain uniform. She threw out her cigarette while driving her light blue convertible Mini Cooper License FL6 205. I have dashcam video footage of me confronting her, but I'm not proud of my language. FL6 205 - British Columbia 7 august 2019 Newton
full report Also talking on phone (up to ear) while driving. PX217S - British Columbia 7 august 2019 Maple Ridge
full report Tossed out a cigar butt at the intersection of hwy 97 and Princeton ave in peachland bc GS5 19N - British Columbia 7 august 2019 peachland
full report Threw cigarette butt out the window. AZ56577 - Ontario 2 august 2019 PETERBOROUGH
full report GD6 93E - British Columbia 6 august 2019 Maple Ridge
full report Threw lit butt out window KS-7316 - British Columbia 6 august 2019 aldergrove
full report CHZD 967 - Ontario 5 august 2019 barrie
full report Was a can of alcohol JM 8389 - British Columbia 5 august 2019 princeton
Through a cigarette butt out window GN9 53E - British Columbia 5 august 2019 Vancouver
full report AF 54129 - Ontario 5 august 2019 Lake Country
When told, "Don't throw cigarette butts out the window!" The 2 men unapologetically replied, "Oh, shut up." HR007F - British Columbia 5 august 2019 Maple Ridge
full report Drive through out garbage onto the hwy, twice over the span of about a block. GS8 78L - British Columbia 2 august 2019 Victoria
full report CFZW 958 - Ontario 2 august 2019 London
full report Threw cigarette butt out the window. AS 49825 - Ontario 23 july 2019 PETERBOROUGH
This old man keeps parking at the side of the house. When he is done golfing or going for a walk at Central Park he always dumps his trash on the side. This time it was a banana peel and a coffee cup. Boycott them. KR 1750 - British Columbia 1 august 2019 Burnaby
Driver slowed down to between 50-70km/hr and swerved slightly each time she reached across the vehicle to throw litter out. It was a McDonalds brown paper bag with empty sand which wrappers, a handful of napkins (this occurred while driving behind her). After I passed her and got a look at her face she threw more trash out the window. I know the name of this individual. BVK-6885 - Alberta 1 august 2019 Grimshaw
full report Threw out plastic bag, used napkins and then cigarette butts BYD2377 - Alberta 1 august 2019 Edmonton
Passenger threw lit cigarette onto the ground. BYZ-4103 - Alberta 31 july 2019 Grande Prairie
full report Cans blowing out of the box NG 2888 - British Columbia 1 august 2019 Williams Lake
The driver was driving when he/she rolled down the window and threw a banana peel out the window. 613PBH - British Columbia 31 july 2019 Burnaby
full report 669 LFH - Saskatchewan 31 july 2019 Regina
full report Driver was parked at entry to gas pumps, talking on his cell phone and smoking. He flicked the ashes out his window multiple times before throwing the still burning butt out onto the sidewalk then driving away. GP9 30G - British Columbia 31 july 2019 Nakusp
full report Lady driver threw out miscellaneous trash two times! ARYP729 - Ontario 28 july 2019 Ottawa
Passenger dropped a lit cigarette from the window. AE762V - British Columbia 29 july 2019 Kelowna
full report At the train crossing, while a train was crossing and vehicles were stopped and turned off, an Asian man on the driver side in a grey Nissan Sienna van, rolled down his window, smoked, tapping ashes out his window with his hand dangling out, then dropped the still lit cigarette out the window. JJ0 27S - British Columbia 29 july 2019 Richmond
CCTN 288 - Ontario 20 july 2019 Thornhill
full report He dropped his cigarette out the window. PK907K - British Columbia 28 july 2019 North Delta
full report He threw out a cigarette butt out of driver side window. (New driver tag) GMO-21C - British Columbia 28 july 2019 West Vancouver
full report He threw a lit cigarette out his window as he was turning onto Rutherford Rd and then he turned right onto Wills Rd. 888 MPN - British Columbia 28 july 2019 Nanaimo
full report She threw a cigarette butt out her window shortly after coming off the Agassiz Rosedale bridge. She then proceeded to turn down Mc Donald Rd and go onto Glenwood drive to either go to work or pick a worker up from the care home. HH0 56C - British Columbia 27 july 2019 Agassiz
722MGJ - British Columbia 28 july 2019 Nanaimo
full report Driving southeast toward golden behind this semi. Saw him throw a pop bottle out the window Lincense plate is of the trailer. 5TV317 - Alberta 28 july 2019 Golden
full report CCCH 401 - Ontario 28 july 2019 Halton
full report GX6 55F - British Columbia 26 july 2019 Westbank
The typical pull over to smoke & toss the butt situation. Didn't care that I was pointedly watching to see what happened to the butt. ND 3355 - British Columbia 26 july 2019 Surrey

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