Question As they are both illegal; why stealing an apple is done in hiding, and littering in plain sight?
Answer Because littering is still morally acceptable.
Litterer's plate/picture/video will be recorded here, forever, available to local authorities.
The more this wall of dishonor grows, the more the moral and legal pressure will grow.


2413 Reports to date
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Comment License plate When Where
full report Smelled the smoke and then saw him take his last puff and just drop it. Not out at all and so I tried to drive over it but it was just rolling around. Finally able to take a pic of the car when we stopped at the light before turning onto Hammond Bay Rd. Had a big scratch/ black mark on back left bumper that I missed in the photo. 953 IRN - Saskatchewan 18 june 2019 Nanaimo
Older gentleman, caught up to him at the next night and calmly told him I was going to report him. He just gave a look of indifference then looked away. GE6 06C - British Columbia 18 june 2019 Chilliwack, BC, , Canada
full report FCD 974 - Nova Scotia 17 june 2019 Lower sackville
full report Driver was stopped at a red light, opened the car door and dumped the entire tim hortons ice cap with the cup on the ground. Clearly intentional BWLY435 - Ontario 18 june 2019 Orleans
full report Driver through smouldering cigarette butt from driver's side window while merging from the 64 Avenue On Ramp onto Highway 91 heading North. EM3 56D - British Columbia 17 june 2019 Delta
full report The driver threw a can or cup from the window. 2 minutes later, a trap opened from the rear of the van and let dozens of cups and cans and other garbage type escape on the road. RG9501BY - Quebec 16 june 2019 SAINT-EMILE-DE-SUFFOLK
full report PVFC - British Columbia 17 june 2019 Victoria
297 JWF - British Columbia 14 june 2019 Langley
full report Driver threw lit cigarette out onto the road. Then about 30 seconds later ejaculated a big wad of spit onto the Parkhill bridge. AKMM 463 - Ontario 17 june 2019 PETERBOROUGH
195 MBJ - British Columbia 14 june 2019 Langley
full report MR 0915 - British Columbia 16 june 2019 Nanaimo
Driver cut us off. Without signaling and proceeded to weave between both lanes. Then driver dropped lit cigarette onto the road. DMO4OL - British Columbia 16 june 2019 Victoria
full report I watched the driver flicking his cigarette ashes out the window, figuring if he had an ashtray, he would most likely throw it out the window. I was right. Traffic was going very slowly, and I was tempted to stop and pick up the cigarette butt and return it to the person, but didn't think it would be safe to do so. I got the impression that this is a habitual thing, and would like it if someone could send him a reminder. 259MXB - British Columbia 14 june 2019 Richmond
full report Male Passenger stuck hand out window and threw cup all the way over the hood of the car towards plaza with convenience store. At following intersection female driver (blonde) driving erratically , and on a green light decided not to move. When bypassing car noticed that front windows were rolled down and driver and passenger laughing and staring out the right of the window. BZZX 547 - Ontario 15 june 2019 Hamilton
full report Guy tossed garbage out his window without even attempting to go up 10 ft to the garbage can in front of him AM98198 - Ontario 15 june 2019 barrie
full report Traffic was stopped for highway paving. Male driver threw cigarette butt out the window while stopped. GM6 69R - British Columbia 15 june 2019 Abbotsford
full report Lite cigarette was casually thrown out by the passenger on a day when its around 30° and dry conditions. They were even in the right lane beside the ditch where there is dry brush. AN0 10M - British Columbia 15 june 2019 Kelowna
full report Driver threw burning cigarette butt out window AS3 34T - British Columbia 14 june 2019 Vernon
full report Driver threw cigarette butt at red light EE771C - British Columbia 13 june 2019 Abbotsford
Driver accelerated at Redlight very quickly then deliberately proceeded to throw a bag of trash out the window. CJBE984 - Ontario 13 june 2019 Orleans
full report Followed this car during my morning commute; attention was caught by the driver hanging his arm out the window with a cigarette in his hand whenever the traffic was slow. Eventually the driver flicked his spent cigarette onto the road. This occurred twice that I witnessed between Boulevard des Allumetieres (near the entrance to the Gatineau Parkway, cannot remember exactly) and Boulevard Maisonneuve crossing the Portage Bridge into Ottawa. Cannot remember exact locations of the butt disposals, but somewhere along that stretch. Timing was sometime between 7:35 and 8:10 am. 323 WKH - Quebec 13 june 2019 Gatineau
watch the passenger window for the empty smoke pack AR120P - British Columbia 12 june 2019 Surrey
full report watch the passenger window AR1 20P - British Columbia 12 june 2019 Surrey
full report Throw his cup and straw out the window 635 NSM - British Columbia 12 june 2019 Surrey
full report FA301M - British Columbia 12 june 2019 New Westminster
full report Lit Cig out the window. RKT515 - British Columbia 11 june 2019 Victoria
full report Driver purposely dropped a Lite cigarette butt out of his window 159MKE - British Columbia 11 june 2019 Victoria
full report Driver went to fill up vehicle at 7/11. . I followed the car to write down the license plate. It was a red Jeep suv CCL 2470 - Alberta 11 june 2019 calgary
full report HV5731 - British Columbia 11 june 2019 Maple Ridge
BV7 12B - British Columbia 11 june 2019 Maple Ridge
full report He threw a banana peel CDZB 012 - Ontario 9 june 2019 Mississauga
full report the driver of black Nissan Rogue threw garbage out the window while waiting at the Esso Argentia Gas station exit into Argentia Street BYNE 917 - Ontario 9 june 2019 Mississauga
full report LA 0133 - British Columbia 8 june 2019 Chilliwack
full report The driver of the truck threw a fast food drink cup on to the road. KE0816 - British Columbia 8 june 2019 Barriere
FULL HD Dashcam video of littering in the act available BSJR274 - Ontario 7 june 2019 Oakville
full report ME8694 - British Columbia 7 june 2019 King George sky train station
I was telling the guy to stop littering to keep the park (Fonda Park) clean. Instead of picking it up he swore at me so I started taking a picture to get proof. CCR 7399 - Alberta 7 june 2019 calgary
full report Black haired Girl didn't care when confronted. GX293D - British Columbia 7 june 2019 west kelowna
We were stopped in line waiting as they painted the lines on the highway. Driver through cigarette out of window. It was smoking on the pavement while the wind tossed it around CDD-8699 - Alberta 6 june 2019 County of Camrose
full report CJAY 134 - Ontario 5 june 2019 Toronto
full report They did not toss but Extremely high fire ban on at time Was out window wile driving TVB 116 - Alberta 5 june 2019 Edmonton
full report The female passenger was ashung her cigarette out of the window. She then threw the butt over the truck towards the centre of the highway. There was a male driver. An n was displayed on the back. MM3173 - British Columbia 4 june 2019 North Vancouver
full report Driving off the expressway the passenger threw out some sort of white Kleenex looking things that fell apart and blew in the road. The driver then also threw something small and white out also. FIDACO - Ontario 4 june 2019 Windsor
full report This guy just chucked a timmies cup on the road and rolled back his window. So rude. AM 14754 - Ontario 4 june 2019 Mississauga
full report Honked my horn at the guy.Too many fires going on atm to be doing this BSK 1242 - Alberta 3 june 2019 Cold Lake
full report Drive tossed a wrapper into moving traffic and it flew into our window (we were in the car behind). CJAA 688 - Ontario 3 june 2019 Windsor
full report Threw our piece of plastic packaging garbage from window CDYR187 - Ontario 3 june 2019 Toronto
Alberta is once again under attack by forest fires and the @$$hole in the passenger side of this car just flicked a cigarette butt out their window. 6:15pm, eastbound Anthony Henday near 127 st. Share the heck out of this please! When will people learn!!! Plate # CDG 0167 CDG 0167 - Alberta 31 may 2019 Edmonton
full report Driver tossed out bundle of miscellaneous trash into greenery median 061 MEC - British Columbia 2 june 2019 Vancouver
full report Tossed lit butt out window BT9 20X - British Columbia 2 june 2019 New Westminster

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