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2501 Reports to date
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Comment License plate When Where
full report BYSB 649 - Ontario 26 may 2019 Mississauga
On a red light, the passenger in the vehicle infront of me opened the door, placed his plastic water bottle and other trash on the road, then closed the door. M95 JYK - Quebec 24 may 2019 pointe claire
full report Driver sitting in the parking lot. Threw a box out of his window and onto the grass. CCHA531 - Ontario 23 may 2019 Scarborough
full report Passenger threw a plastic bottle out the window onto grass. AVA G - Nova Scotia 23 may 2019 Halifax
full report I am fairly certain the driver is a male AD 996687 - Ontario 23 may 2019 Mississauga
full report Saw this man flick his ash out the window multiple times and then threw his butt out. CJ6 26L - British Columbia 6 may 2019 Victoria
full report Driver tosser his lit cigarette butt out his open window while stopped at a light. Then proceeded to weave in an out of traffic without signalling, stopping on crosswalks and creeping through red lights causing left-hand turning vehicles to be trapped in the intersections. DS3 65D - British Columbia 21 may 2019 Burnaby
full report Flicked cigarette butt out of drivers window in construction zone U-07525 - Alberta 21 may 2019 Banff
full report plastic bags blowing out the back of his pickup , and laughing as I passed him . FHM 447 - Nova Scotia 10 may 2019 Before Antigonish
full report CR - Alberta 20 may 2019 Cold Lake
full report Believe it was a cigarette carton G37916 - British Columbia 20 may 2019 Yahk
full report I do not have a model or licence plate number, I am seeing the butts when I pick up my mail at this location. There are cigarette butts laying all around this Canada Post mailbox, often lit cigarette butts approx. 3:00 to 5:00 pm. It is unnerving with wild fire season upon us! XXX XXX - British Columbia 16 may 2019 Prince George
full report Passenger threw a lit cigarette out the window. CW019D - British Columbia 18 may 2019 Kamloops
full report Lit cigarette tossed out window just before sunshine market 093 RVN - British Columbia 17 may 2019 Kelowna
full report They did it twice CJAS 110 - Ontario 17 may 2019 Mississauga
full report Threw cigarettes outside of window BKEZ611 - Ontario 17 may 2019 Vaughan
full report CDKH593 - Ontario 17 may 2019 Toronto
Someone left some of their household trash on our property with many receipts and mail with the following name and address: David Allan Dalton 48 - 21704 96 Ave Langley BC V1M 0A8 ? - British Columbia 11 may 2019 Mission
full report driver carelessly though cigarette but out the drivers window HH9 54H - British Columbia 15 may 2019 Kelowna
full report Owner of the truck parked behind beige van license plate: LGL 192 and threw empty beer cans outside of his passenger window into some bushes/tall grass on the side of the road. Concerned the individual may have consumed them prior to dumping JN1196 - British Columbia 16 may 2019 Victoria
full report CBMR 481 - Ontario 15 may 2019 Petawawa
full report FG6073 - British Columbia 13 may 2019 Victoria
I just stopped at curb to drop off my passenger. Vehicle went by and tossed full or partially full plastic water bottle on street. KEJ 677 - Manitoba 13 may 2019 Swan river
full report 518 VCL - Ontario 13 may 2019 Mississauga
White women around 55 years old CEWJ209 - Ontario 13 may 2019 Newmarket
full report Might have a digit or two off on the license plate. Lit cigarette was tossed out of the drivers window with sparks flying all over the road. Blue or purple (or both) striped on the car. HP3 28E - British Columbia 12 may 2019 Wycliffe
full report DM123T - British Columbia 11 may 2019 Kamloops bc
full report White male in 60s tossed cig butt UEP 063 - Alberta 11 may 2019 St Albert
full report Uber driver CFMM162 - Ontario 11 may 2019 Brampton
full report This vehicle turned from hwy 27 to Albion rd and throw some junk out from passenger side while vehicle was still moving CHKY175 - Ontario 10 may 2019 Etobicoke
full report CEHH 890 - Ontario 10 may 2019 Mississauga
Opened driver door at the red light and dropped the cup on the ground. CJBL 659 - Ontario 4 may 2019 barrie
full report 099 SKD - Quebec 8 may 2019 Montreal
full report As I was heading westbound on Steeles approaching McCowan, I saw this male driver toss his cigarette out his window. BWWR549 - Ontario 9 may 2019 Toronto
full report GGD684 - Nova Scotia 9 may 2019 Halifax
full report The female blond driver continued to drop cigarette ash out the window and then finally threw the light cigarette butt out the window as she neared the intersection. 799 NEL - British Columbia 7 may 2019 Abbotsford
full report Slob refused to use the in car ashtray at intersection, lazily butting out window (dry conditions too). After green light allowed movement the butt was tossed out live on the other side of the street, sparks flying as it hit the ground. Pig...... GK6 30C - British Columbia 7 may 2019 Nanaimo
full report While in Tim Hortons drive through line, the Passenger tossed what looked like the wrapping from cigarette package. Later in the drive thru line, the driver discarded cigarette butt BLSW 849 - Ontario 7 may 2019 Mississauga
full report Female driver, flicked cigarette butt out window, coming down west Victoria street, and entered the north shore exit and continued over the overlander bridge. Believe it was a Mazda. Definitely grey in colour. Unbelievable disregard for society. How dare you throw a cigarette butt out the window in forest fire country. You are insane HS539J - British Columbia 6 may 2019 Kamloops
full report Threw a cigarette butt out at a red light CMME 041 - Ontario 6 may 2019 Oshawa
full report Lit Cigarette butt out the window then a big gob of spit. Disgusting human. AKMM 463 - Ontario 6 may 2019 PETERBOROUGH
They threw out something that looked like a bottle, maybe alcohol. Then turned into Burlington. They live in the apartment building on the left, I assume as they pulled in and started unpacking stuff. CJCR 644 - Ontario 3 may 2019 Etobicoke
They threw their giant bottle of water outside their window deliberately. APXT 529 - Ontario 6 may 2019 Etobicoke
full report Person deliberately littering by throwing cig out the window. BWDN 785 - Ontario 5 may 2019 PETERBOROUGH
full report Buddy repeatedly threw plastic wrap out of his window. 719 SLT - British Columbia 2 may 2019 Richmond
full report Litter was thrown out of the vehicle for 2 km BK502H - British Columbia 2 may 2019 Cranbrook
full report Scruffy looking guy with a full beard and fishing rods in the cab of pickup headed down Day St. threw a beer can out of the driver side window. HLK 157 - Manitoba 2 may 2019 Eas St. Paul
full report Business vehicle for sunset marine Ltd SUNSET2 - Nova Scotia 1 may 2019 Porters lake
passenger threw cigarette butt out the window ET6-68D - British Columbia 28 april 2019 Rosewall Creek
full report Driver tossed still-burning butt out of window while at stop light. Passenger possibly did the same as a 2nd still-burning butt was seen on the road as the car turned through the intersection. 820WEX - British Columbia 30 april 2019 Colwood

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