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2234 Reports to date
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Comment License plate When Where
full report BL9 24B - British Columbia 23 may 2018 Port Moody
full report Driver was white, bald male with tattoos on arms, was wearing a bright yellow shirt, shorts and flip flops. I saw a lit cigarette tossed out the drivers side window of the vehicle in front of me. As we were stopped at a red light and their window was down, I hollered 'pick up your lit cigarette!' he got out of his vehicle, called me a bitch, and picked it up and got back in. He then drove to registries on Edmonton trail where he turned. BVJ 0026 - Alberta 23 may 2018 Airdrie
full report License was on trailer. It was blocking the one on their truck. 5NC5 57 - Alberta 23 may 2018 Thornhild County
full report Tossed her cigarette while talking on her cell phone. BNO 85C - British Columbia 22 may 2018 Kelowna
full report Was caught on video unfortunately on store video so I don't have access BYWH 406 - Ontario 22 may 2018 Delhi
threw their long weekend trash out the window onto someone else's property. people these days... P46 45Y - Ontario 21 may 2018 Monck
full report While driving he threw out what looked like a chocolate bar wrapper of some kind. LC 7521 - British Columbia 21 may 2018 Revelstoke
A black female and her son. With two black garbage bags at side of road. Told them it's our environment as well. W65 AZJ - Quebec 21 may 2018 Ajax
full report The passenger got off from the car, went to the convenience store, came off and threw tim horton coffee cup on the streer and got on the car! That was why i have timo take the license number and made sure i took the right number BZEH454 - Ontario 20 may 2018 Toronto
full report We honked our horn to make them aware we saw ... they continued to throw out trash BXRH 762 - Ontario 19 may 2018 County of Peterborough
full report Heavy traffic Niagara-bound QEW. Leftmost lane driver of vehicle right in front of us finished drinking from canned beverage and threw the empty out his window near or at KM 84. BMKT 721 - Ontario 18 may 2018 stoney creek
full report CAHW 284 - Ontario 18 may 2018 Brampton
035 NXJ - British Columbia 17 may 2018 Williams Lake
full report 035 NXJ - British Columbia 17 may 2018 Williams Lake
full report Mcdnoland's drive thru, driver opened passenger window and threw the cigarette butt out the window. 524 3NP - Ontario 17 may 2018 kitchener
full report This man with a grey beard ashes all the way from kelowna to West kelowna then just through the but i.g cig out the so down.His wife w long grey hair with him.there is a Harley Davidson sticker across the rear window.i am willing to testify to this incident 758 NXN - British Columbia 12 may 2018 west kelowna
full report Littered banana peel and food waste. And also he's eating while driving. FK913L - British Columbia 16 may 2018 Vancouver
Garbage was discarded from the drivers window. Appeared to be a crumpled item such as a cigarette carton or paper 707 EPC - British Columbia 11 may 2018 Vancouver
full report FJ205A - British Columbia 13 may 2018 Langley
full report Passenger threw empty water bottle out window while merging from Calgary trail south onto Anthony Henday west BPH8204 - Alberta 12 may 2018 Edmonton
Rather than using the garbage can right next to his vehicle the driver decided to open his door and throw his garbage onto king Street. BYMD068 - Ontario 12 may 2018 Toronto
full report Driver was littering ashes from his cigarette butt outside of his window as well. CBAY 177 - Ontario 11 may 2018 Toronto
full report Two young men smoking and erratically changing lanes without signalling. Passenger and driver both threw butts out window. LW 7308 - British Columbia 9 may 2018 Kelowna
full report FT876X - British Columbia 10 may 2018 Maple Ridge
full report Still buring and a lovely hot afternoon GC5 60L - British Columbia 9 may 2018 Victoria
Bro just hands his arm out the window and flicks it non chalantly AN58408 - Ontario 9 may 2018 Pickering
full report Male tow truck driver. Had brand "Exclusive" labelled on the side of tow truck. Threw cigarette butt out the window before merging in. AR27758 - Ontario 9 may 2018 Vaughan
Driver tossed out passenger window onto rd while driving through intersection. Wife approached driver at next light. He waived her off as if ahe was nothing. Gave me the finger as i photo'd his plate. BEPM350 - Ontario 8 may 2018 Mississauga
full report AK89303 - Ontario 8 may 2018 richmond hill
full report Balding tough dude gave me the look of evil when I shook my head at him for tossing his cigarette butt out the window. HY2183 - British Columbia 7 may 2018 Kelowna
full report This driver open the window and seemed like opening his/her cigarette box, threw everything on the street. It happened in the morning around spadina n queen st area in Toronto Downtown BSSN 788 - Ontario 7 may 2018 Toronto
full report Front passenger threw what looked like an empty cigarette carton out of the window after passing Narin Falls Provincial Park. Passenger in the back of the car looked back to see if we saw and proceeded to laugh. CD6 94G - British Columbia 6 may 2018 Pemberton
BSHW 738 - Ontario 6 may 2018 Windsor
full report Driver tossed cigratte butt of the window of the car while waiting for his turn at the shell car wash CAAA 448 - Ontario 5 may 2018 Whitby
full report Man pulls into parking lot, and tosses cigarette butt out his window into the parking lot and enters commercial store. BFK-0483 - Alberta 2 may 2018 calgary
full report Driver throws bag of food coffe and amity brown bags on highway AH26784 - Ontario 2 may 2018 Cambridge
full report Driver had a cap on and glasses. When he passed us, speeding, we clearly identified the driver as a male as no tinted windows. EWY521 - Nova Scotia 2 may 2018 dartmouth
full report 5MW8-46 - Alberta 30 april 2018 PRITCHARD
full report Driver just laughed at us when we picked up the garbage to show him that he shouldn't do that. AT 72543 - Ontario 29 april 2018 Waterloo
full report Threw stuff out the window right in the middle of the intersection, then threw more out just past the intersection, and then again going down 192nd street, then a cigarette butt further up the just never stopped! EV6 52X - British Columbia 1 may 2018 Surrey
full report EE1 89F - British Columbia 28 april 2018 Bowser
full report EL5 6H8 - British Columbia 30 april 2018 Vancouver
full report Right in front of AS Mathison school, in traffic 596MBX - British Columbia 30 april 2018 Kelowna
full report Passenger walked along 17th with 3 slushie cups, got into vehicle around 11st street which was parked. Driver drive off, stuck in traffic for a bit, passenger put window down beside me as I walked, looked at me and then proceeded to throw a frozen tube (popsicle) out the window onto the road beside me. BLY1460 - Alberta 30 april 2018 calgary
full report BYWF 292 - Ontario 30 april 2018 kitchener
full report Driver threw out a wendys cup and passenger tossed a lit cigarette between golden and revelstoke L-25411 - Alberta 29 april 2018 Revelstoke
full report Threw out empty pack of cigarettes and some other small wrappers, then threw out a coffee cup at the next light right after. BYZ 7428 - Alberta 28 april 2018 Lethbridge
full report Tossed a cigarette butt out the driver side window. BXFC390 - Ontario 27 april 2018 Ottawa
full report Threw lit up cigarette while driving CDZT020 - Ontario 26 april 2018 Etobicoke
You littering JERK!! 001-RTV‎ - British Columbia 24 april 2018 Shawnigan Lake

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