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2240 Reports to date
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Comment License plate When Where
full report BYWF 292 - Ontario 30 april 2018 kitchener
full report Driver threw out a wendys cup and passenger tossed a lit cigarette between golden and revelstoke L-25411 - Alberta 29 april 2018 Revelstoke
full report Threw out empty pack of cigarettes and some other small wrappers, then threw out a coffee cup at the next light right after. BYZ 7428 - Alberta 28 april 2018 Lethbridge
full report Tossed a cigarette butt out the driver side window. BXFC390 - Ontario 27 april 2018 Ottawa
full report Threw lit up cigarette while driving CDZT020 - Ontario 26 april 2018 Etobicoke
You littering JERK!! 001-RTV‎ - British Columbia 24 april 2018 Shawnigan Lake
full report HPW371 - Manitoba 24 april 2018 Winnipeg
full report Cigarette butt with light ashed, sparks flew when hit the ground 545DWV - British Columbia 24 april 2018 Coquitlam
full report Dumped a cup full of old cigarette buds in parking lot in front of Save on foods 843 LGK - British Columbia 22 april 2018 Victoria
full report Red slip tank in box of truck AT15241 - Ontario 22 april 2018 Ailsa Craig
full report They literally swung the door open and threw the garbage into oncoming traffic. There were so many plates of styrofoam food containers and I was directly behind so it almost made me crash and obstructed my view. FV7 61E - British Columbia 20 april 2018 Surrey
This guy throws out his window a half full cup of tim hortons! It just splashed all on the highway. M54 HYC - Quebec 20 april 2018 Brossard
Stuck in mild traffic. This *** throws his cup out the window. M54 HYC - Quebec 20 april 2018 Brossard
when he realized I was taking his information he began to drive erradically turning right at a stoplight and then a hard left to go through the light quck It was a half full cup of Tim Horton's Coffee CEHP 997 - Ontario 20 april 2018 Elginfield area
full report 645TES - British Columbia 18 april 2018 Burnaby
full report This person threw a lit cigarette butt out their window in front of an elementary school, of all places. 812 KSL - British Columbia 17 april 2018 Nanaimo
full report Passenger of burgundy Ford SUV threw a lit cigarette on to my windshield while parked waiting at lights. Licence plate CCWM 403. Pall mall cigarette butt was loged down where my wiper blade is attached. Emptied my washer fluid in attempt to extinguish the flame. CCWM 403 - Ontario 17 april 2018 Oshawa ontario
full report FK1 15E - British Columbia 14 april 2018 North Vancouver
full report EH1 88W - British Columbia 15 april 2018 North Vancouver
full report Driver parked at apartment building. Went to trunk, grabbed vegetable grocery bag from trunk and threw it high in the sky. CDFE 193 - Ontario 15 april 2018 London
Threw 2 large bags of McDonalds garbage, along with 2 McDonalds cups out of the window while driving. (No proper image to upload as I was driving alone & too afraid to take an image myself!) BMF-2630 - Alberta 14 april 2018 St. Albert
full report Threw out a Mcdonalds Fry pouch first and seconds later, remaining bag and cup CCCJ321 - Ontario 13 april 2018 Ancaster
full report CDAC987 - Ontario 10 april 2018 Baxter
Driver tossed cigratte litter out of his window. BYLB283 - Ontario 7 april 2018 Brampton
full report JHR590 - Newfounland and Labrador 6 april 2018 St. John's
full report Driver was pulled over on shoulder immediately before Jordan Rd exit. Through trash out the passenger side window before starting to pull back onto QEW almost cutting us off ACTF 415 - Ontario 3 april 2018 Jordan
full report It was just getting dusk and it was a live butt they threw out the window . It was a smaller dark coloured car . My 10 year old daughter commented right away with the fact that it could cause a fire . So we followed them till they stopped and she jotted down license plate . FM1-88R - British Columbia 25 march 2018 Vernon
White male driver, black balding head, aged approx 35-40, sole occupant of truck tossed large bag of McDonald's litter out passenger side window while stopped at lights and preparing to turn left from Simcoe St N on to Westbound Conlin Rd AM28504 - Ontario 28 march 2018 Oshawa
Tossed a cigarette butt out the driver side window. BVPF 084 - Ontario 20 march 2018 Ottawa
full report Driver tossed content of cup on to the highway. Looked like some kind of liquid with ice cubes. CALJ 522 - Ontario 27 march 2018 Scarborough
full report Both driver and passenger threw garbage on the ground 2 feet from the front door of Starbucks. FJ2 31W - British Columbia 27 march 2018 Kamloops
full report FP8 54W - British Columbia 25 march 2018 Kelowna
full report Witnessed driver first throw a cigarette butt followed by cellophane wrapper out the window. BFND 351 - Ontario 24 march 2018 Vaughan
She got out if her car, threw a half full bottle of Dairy Queen milkshake into the grass and walked away. BWLL 550 - Ontario 23 march 2018 London
Followed this garbage truck from Oyama to Lake Country watching numerous pieces of trash fall out onto the highway. 057 OU - British Columbia 16 march 2018 Lake Country
full report The driver threw an active (was not put out) cigarette butt out the window. LX 0220 - British Columbia 21 march 2018 Prince George
full report UWR 190 - Alberta 20 march 2018 calgary
full report The car made a reckless left lane switch at high speed on HWY1 east bound from Horseshoe bay, dangerously cut right in front of my vehicle, forced us to slow down in order to avoid an accident. We honked and went to the right lane and stayed away from the car. The passenger from the white Dodge then threw a cup at our vehicle, hitting our windshield. FG7-96X - British Columbia 18 march 2018 West Vancouver
Driving north on Scottsdale Avenue, passing the Guelph Library, driver threw empty water bottle out the window into the middle of the road. Driver was in the car in front of ours. I hope you will inform driver this behaviour is NOT okay. CDLZ 275 - Ontario 17 march 2018 Guelph
full report Stopped IN the lane with his hazards on, got out of the drivers side and threw a black BAG of garbage onto the left side of the road. CAHV 216 - Ontario 11 march 2018 Ottawa
full report Driver threw out a McDonald's French fry container out of window on to road purposefully BYZ 4015 - Alberta 27 february 2018 Grande Prairie
full report Threw a large cup out of window while driving by Queen Elizabeth park I honked and they continued to throw out more garbage, napkins etc. it looked liked they were trying to throw out anything they could find in the car. Then they waved like they were very pleased with themselves. DR3 34A - British Columbia 8 march 2018 Vancouver
She was continuously smoking throw out the two butts when I was driving behind her. Please check the video time 8:29:22 CAZT614 - Ontario 7 march 2018 Oakville
full report I was appalled by this driver throwing his banana leaves and crampled paper in the road. Lack of decency and disregard to civic duties. AP93572 - Ontario 6 march 2018 Vaughan
full report Sitting in the left turning lane (turning west onto Fraser highway), driver clearly opens door to throw a can under his car. Travelling north on 188st &66ave driver throws a white bag of garbage out the window 49feet past the intersection. 974 RJN - British Columbia 1 march 2018 Clayton Heights
full report Chucked mc Donald's garbage out drivers window DK7 24N - British Columbia 27 february 2018 Delta
full report Throwing bottles and can out of the window they almost hit my car AN59550 - Ontario 27 february 2018 Waterloo
BZH-5713 - Alberta 27 february 2018 calgary
full report Watched the passenger lick chip bags, coffee cups and various trash out of the vehicle pulled over in kicking horse canyon. BZC 8809 - Alberta 26 february 2018 Golden
Passenger opened door at McDonald's drive thru and threw out burger box and then later threw out straw wrapper. CBHR 685 - Ontario 25 february 2018 Brampton

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