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2340 Reports to date
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Comment License plate When Where
M33 MKC - Quebec 23 april 2019 Montreal
This silver infinity with plate no.848TTH Incident happened on. June-05-2018 @5:23pm on Marine Drive close to Cambie st, in Vancouver, BC Thrown garbage out the window. 848-TTH - British Columbia 25 march 2019 Vancouver
I honked and the driver give me the finger... FNP1991 - Quebec 22 april 2019 Cornwall
full report Multiple dumps of trash all along 2nd line from Wellington to Pine St. CDXS 787 - Ontario 22 april 2019 SAULT STE MARIE
full report Littered cups, miscellaneous items in Saint John a couple of times in the span of 5 mins. GCT 776 - Nova Scotia 22 april 2019 Saint John
After the driver threw out his lit cigarette butt, he threw out the cigarette package. He was also driving recklessly. FG6 23M - British Columbia 20 april 2019 Vancouver
Admitted it then drove away. BKB6103 - Alberta 19 april 2019 Edmonton
full report Real doucher of a driver. Be better. 634 LBJ - Saskatchewan 19 april 2019 Saskatoon
full report Heading north on 140 St waiting at red light for a left turn onto Fraser Highway westbound. Driver lowered window to throw out empty plastic bags. EJ7 30C - British Columbia 16 april 2019 Surrey
full report Both Driver and Passenger tossed out garbage while sitting in front of Subway. Dairy queen cup, and tim hortons cups. BLM 3380 - Alberta 16 april 2019 Olds
289GCS - British Columbia 15 april 2019 North Vanvouver
driver threw cigarette butt out the window edit: reposting with video 862RTJ - British Columbia 15 april 2019 Burnaby
full report driver threw cigarette butt out the window 862RTJ - British Columbia 15 april 2019 Burnaby
Sitting in a Starbucks when I saw what looked like a coffee cup drop from the passenger side of the open door of a parked car. I then saw the passenger reach into the cup holder, pull out two napkins and drop them next to the coffee cup. 158 XPT - British Columbia 13 april 2019 New Westminster
full report Pulled over for a smoke, I have *never* seen someone get out to smoke and not toss the butt so I stuck around to watch, and sure enough he tossed it right in front of me like I wasn't there. In less than three months this neighbourhood becomes a tinderbox and people will still be doing this. LE7278 - British Columbia 12 april 2019 Surrey
Just through wrappers out window 591 JMK - Saskatchewan 9 april 2019 Saskatoon
full report purposely emptied out bag of french fries and took bag back into car. Car driving south and turned west onto Cornwall then turned left at lights where Esso station is past Sobeys grocery plaza BFTP974 - Ontario 9 april 2019 Oakville
Threw out 2 Tim Horton's coffee cups through the passenger window onto the side of the road, heading northbound on Jefferson Blvd. Then proceeded to enter the Tim Horton's drivethru to purchase more future trash!! Unbelievable. AP 72162 - Ontario 9 april 2019 Windsor
full report ETO 73D - British Columbia 2 april 2019 Kelowna
full report NE6825 - British Columbia 2 april 2019 Port Coquitlam
full report Driver also cut off and almost hit car beside them. Then proceeded to throw trash including a plastic bag and straw (possibly from Tim Hortons) FN324M - British Columbia 2 april 2019 Kelowna
LR 5098 - British Columbia 1 april 2019 Maple Ridge
full report 3 (men) in their 20's pulled out of Kensington Square shopping centre turned left onto Kensington,speeding and tossed out cigarettes and cigarette package onto street. HV3 86B - British Columbia 30 march 2019 Burnaby
Driver non chelantly tossed cigarette butt from his window. SKJ555 - Alberta 30 march 2019 Edmonton
Driver opened the window of the car, while waiting for the lifht to turn green, and threw some napkings on the street, then looked inside the car for more litter and threw more napkings on the street. AWVW807 - Ontario 26 march 2019 Mississauga
full report The car a was a Molly Maid car pulled over for a smoke break, how ironic that they'd be adding to the mess. HA7 39K - British Columbia 26 march 2019 Surrey
full report Driver threw a butt first and a little further down the street, the passenger threw a butt as well. 611KVV - Saskatchewan 23 march 2019 Saskatoon
full report Southbound 52nd Street southeast before turning North onto McIvor Blvd. ZPV356 - Alberta 23 march 2019 calgary
full report Threw cigarette butt out window AA3 82S - British Columbia 22 march 2019 Chilliwack
It was a lit cigarette 881PPG - British Columbia 22 march 2019 Kelowna BC
full report Reported incident to Hunter Express Ltd. trucking company where the driver parked his truck. The driver entered the office as I left. UNKNOWN - Ontario 22 march 2019 Belle River
full report 067 DAW - British Columbia 21 march 2019 Richmond
full report Flicking embers constantly from the hospital to the townsite dog park, where lit butt was tossed completely. ES8 58K - British Columbia 21 march 2019 Powell River
full report Driver was constantly throwing out garbage for 10 plus km 739 WLB - British Columbia 20 march 2019 Vancouver
full report Guy pulled into our parking lot and threw out FULL bag of garage in between 2 parked cars in the parking lot (the garbage bin beside one of the car was opened but never got out of the vehicle just threw garbage out the window CCCH846 - Ontario 19 march 2019 London
full report Driver threw McDonalds bag full of garbage outside his window onto the road. BYVK 879 - Ontario 17 march 2019 Brampton
full report Driver threw a still lit cigarette butt out the window on the highway not far from grassy median. KX 9746 - British Columbia 15 march 2019 Victoria
full report Asked the driver to pick up the bags he had thrown out...told me to pick them up myself as he wasn't going to 695ZFJ - Ontario 14 march 2019 Binbrook
full report Through Starbucks cup with coffee in center of road CFEH 444 - Ontario 14 march 2019 Burlington
full report Threw cigarette butt out window 684 RPM - British Columbia 13 march 2019 Chilliwack
full report While waiting at traffic light, this driver rolled down the passenger window and tossed a burning cigarette out the window. 330 LAK - British Columbia 9 march 2019 Victoria
full report BNVH 133 - Ontario 10 march 2019 Guelph
full report COPY 544 - Ontario 7 march 2019 Windsor
This lady starts throwing plastic out the side of her car and cigarette butts. I yelled pick it up, she didnt listen BYC-0109 - Alberta 6 march 2019 Nanaimo
full report five people in the car repeatedly threw trash out of their car. recorded the incident after multiple littering. EAU 4711 - Ontario 5 march 2019 kitchener
Three males approximately 17-20 years old wearing baseball caps or toques. Driver wearing round reflective lenses. Threw drink bottle onto road at site of former Earls restaurant. All laughed after. Driving erratically, with jerky stops and starts, and weaving. In breach of "N" new driver rules: two passengers in car, both obviously under age 25. ES767N - British Columbia 2 march 2019 West Vancouver
full report Busy highway both driver and passenger tossing fast food garbage AZ13931 - Ontario 2 march 2019 Milton
full report Driver threw a bunch of paper out of his window, then cellophane, then cigarette butts CCPE043 - Ontario 24 february 2019 burlington ontario
full report We were stopped at a stop light and the passenger opened their door to drop garbage out on the ground. BTYC896 - Ontario 23 february 2019 Scarborough
full report BTDY471 - Ontario 22 february 2019 London

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