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2241 Reports to date
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Comment License plate When Where
Passenger opened door at McDonald's drive thru and threw out burger box and then later threw out straw wrapper. CBHR 685 - Ontario 25 february 2018 Brampton
full report Threw coffee cup out window, driver on cellphone, ran red light on Steeles through Rutherford road after confronted about incident BYEH 721 - Ontario 23 february 2018 Brampton
full report DRIVER ROLLS DOWN WINDOW AND THROWS OUT CIGARETTE BUTT ON 440 SERVICE ROAD. 743 TZP - Quebec 23 february 2018 laval
full report Farm plated vehicle threw a full bag of fast food garbage out of driver window on main road. VEHICLE is DODGE RAM IN FULL CAMO COLOUR WITH LICENSE PLATE: 995 1FR 995 1FR - Ontario 19 february 2018 Langton
full report The driver willingly threw out an empty pack of smokes, what a pig CBO99M - British Columbia 18 february 2018 Prince George
This guy opened his door in every stop light to carfefully place his trash in the middle of the street, first, some tetra pack, then peppers, tickets, food, etc. Finest person. W06 MNM - Quebec 16 february 2018 Montreal
full report Driver tossed cigarette butt out the driver side window onto the highway. BCDF 539 - Ontario 14 february 2018 401 west bound at Neilson
full report They first littered some miscellaneous material outside of the entrance into Rivervale and then they threw a cigarette butt out of their window just before Birchbank golf course. PK603G - British Columbia 11 february 2018 Trail
Beeped horn at driver tossing out litter from a nasty glare and finger. She continued to dump stuff. BKMV-865 - Ontario 7 february 2018 Toronto
full report Female driver tossed cigarette butt out the window onto the highway. ACCW 443 - Ontario 6 february 2018 Scarborough
full report Passenger aggressively threw out can of moving vehicle, can was an alcoholic beverage also. Driver was swerving. 917XPN - British Columbia 5 february 2018 Vancouver
full report Van continued to throw away their food trash on the DVP on three separate occasions. Plastic and cardboard container by the look of it. CBHT761 - Ontario 4 february 2018 Toronto
full report G63 LNA - Quebec 3 february 2018 Montreal
full report Two men who were clean out their truck by dumping all their trash on the ground in the parking lot. There was lots of it. 849 8ZJ - Ontario 2 february 2018 Mississauga
full report FH5 72F - British Columbia 21 january 2018 Burnaby
Continuous litter being thrown out the passenger window. BVG 5798 - Alberta 20 january 2018 South of Ponoka
full report One of the three people in the car got out and tossed a Tim Hortons cup right onto the side of the road. FA2 47X - British Columbia 20 january 2018 Fraser Valley
full report Flicked the cigarette butt out the driver side window. FL3 32K - British Columbia 19 january 2018 Surrey
CCJP009 - Ontario 18 january 2018 Vaughn
full report Women pulls into my parking lot most every day, Gets out of her car to smokes a cigarette and texts on phone. Then drops butt in my parking lot and drives of. AWVY 672 - Ontario 18 january 2018 Fort Erie
full report Either driver or passenger of this silver or white pick up were smoking continuously and throwing lit butts out of the window while driving between Parksville and Nanaimo LD9028 - British Columbia 13 january 2018 Parksville/Nanaimo
full report Driver threw cigarette out driver side window. DXS085 - British Columbia 15 january 2018 Nanaimo
full report GAH 966 - Nova Scotia 13 january 2018 Halifax
full report This car was driving in front of me on Taunton Rd., no mistaking two Tim Horton's cups and other small debris, being thrown from the car. BFVP 239 - Ontario 11 january 2018 Pickering
full report Yellow paper thrown out of the passenger side window. 351 KPG - British Columbia 10 january 2018 Qualicum Beach
full report A guy wearing a sleeveless tank threw a blue lighter out of his window into the middle of the road. He then proceeded to the Esso gas station, where he went inside, presumably to purchase more cigarettes. DV8712 - British Columbia 8 january 2018 Prince George
full report Threw out multiple bags of trash from the car window. Looked like left over bags from a packed lunch. MAP598 - Alberta 6 january 2018 Banff
full report The guy and his passenger both threw out macdonald drinks which were full and splashed over my car as I was driving. Since it was -20C outside, It blocked my entire windshield and I couldn't even see the road and couldn't even clean it with my wipers as the thick orange juice was frozen to my windshield in seconds!! AZFD-302 - Ontario 30 december 2017 London
full report Driver threw full McDonalds bag out the window, almost hitting our car behind him. FVK 958 - Nova Scotia 30 december 2017 Halifax
full report Passenger threw pop can out of the window on HWY 402, just outside of Sarnia. BYZO 622 - Ontario 27 december 2017 Middlesex
full report BZLJ374 - Ontario 17 december 2017 Vaughan
full report Threw a cigarette container out at intersection. Also had expired tags on plate and driver side breaklight was out BYBX671 - Ontario 15 december 2017 Guelph
full report They threw out a Tim hortons drink. JIO 939 - New Brunswick 8 december 2017 Highway 7 on route to Fredericton. At 60km sign.
full report He threw out paper that flew into my windshield and then a few minutes later, he threw a cigarette. BVFJ 474 - Ontario 8 december 2017 Mississauga
full report Tossed a banana peel out their window on to someone's lawn. DP737F - British Columbia 5 december 2017 Coquitlam
full report Driver was stopped in traffic and proceeded to drop the ciggarette out his drivers window Discription Asian Male in his 30's HB-9175 - British Columbia 5 december 2017 Burnaby/Coquitlam
full report BWN0084 - Alberta 3 december 2017 bruderheim
full report Threw their coffee cups under their car and drove off. The garbage can was 5 seconds away. I called them out and said "looks like you dropped something" and they couldn't care less. Shameful behavior. RACH5 - Ontario 20 november 2017 Toronto
full report Male Driver, female passenger flicked lit cigerrette out of window. Main Ave in Banff National Park DJY919 - Alberta 19 november 2017 Banff
full report EB085M - British Columbia 17 november 2017 Langford
full report DF324D - British Columbia 16 november 2017 Prince George
full report No comments MA60 AXS - Northwest Territories 14 november 2017 Manchester Worsley
full report They just casually threw the pop can out of their window like they did it all the time. KE6114 - British Columbia 14 november 2017 Chilliwack
full report We were right behind this guy while he waited at a stop light. He opened his door and proceeded to empty the little storage pocket in the door, onto the street. Contents included a chip bag among other things. HEK 438 - Manitoba 14 november 2017 Winnipeg
Ignorant people threw their garbage right out the window of their car. Leaving it to fly into the view of the car behind them. Could have caused an accident. AMTE 533 - Ontario 12 november 2017 Freelton
full report He was also talking on his phone at the same time... NBT807 - New Brunswick 10 november 2017 Saint John
full report The passenger in the vehicle threw out a large paper bag filled with garbage while driving in front of our vehicle in the passing lane BYLZ 286 - Ontario 10 november 2017 London
full report CAEB 272 - Ontario 10 november 2017 Windsor
full report She threw out garbage out driver side window I have pictures of garbage and her car and temporary plate number 2996986 NOVA SCOTIA - Nova Scotia 10 november 2017 Mt denson

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