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2562 Reports to date
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Comment License plate When Where
full report DAH 400 - Manitoba 4 july 2019 MacDonald
full report Guy and girl in their car parked beside Dogwood Elementary school field just thew out their Tim Horton's wrap garbage from the car on to the ground and drove off... there is a garbage 5 steps away from there. DD7 75H - British Columbia 4 july 2019 Surrey
full report Blue bag with something hard looking in it. I hope it's not body parts. PA OR RA2662 - British Columbia 2 july 2019 Langley
full report Dropped cigarette still burning out of window BBM 55M - British Columbia 3 july 2019 Vernon
AZ33451 - Ontario 3 july 2019 Innisfil
An old male driver in his 70s threw a cigarette butt while waiting for the left advance green at the intersection of Burhampthorpe Rd W and is about to make a left to Erin mills Parkway in Mississauga. CJDZ963 - Ontario 2 july 2019 Mississauga
Guy dumping all of his car trash including broken cds onto the sidewalk and road. Doesnt care when approached. AVWC473 - Ontario 2 july 2019 Toronto
full report CHTB 696 - Ontario 2 july 2019 Ottawa
full report LA 1757 - British Columbia 1 july 2019 Coquitlam
full report Threw 3-4 pieces of paper-type trash out of his sunroof while in the left lane of highway, 10 minutes prior to the picture taken, vehicle not in sight in photograph. Did not know photo would be required. ESP888 - British Columbia 1 july 2019 Vancouver
full report He was smoking inside his caravan and flicked his still lit cigarette butt out the window 950 SLN - British Columbia 1 july 2019 Coquitlam
full report Pretty sure it was a Nissan DR3 70V - British Columbia 1 july 2019 Merritt
full report This idiot flicked his cigarette butt out the window in the direction of oncoming traffic. DY1673 - British Columbia 30 june 2019 New Westminster
full report With fires in BC who does this? 274 HSV - British Columbia 30 june 2019 Vancouver
full report Passenger threw full white plastic bag BYRW 833 - Ontario 30 june 2019 Cambridge
Tim Hortons ice cap cup thrown from passenger side of vehicle approx. 10km from intersection. LK-5791 - British Columbia 29 june 2019 Chetwynd
full report The driver threw their Tim Hortons cup outside their window. CHRA 305 - Ontario 29 june 2019 barrie
CG1400 - British Columbia 29 june 2019 Jaffray
full report CDMR469 - Ontario 28 june 2019 Toronto
full report I don't know the gender of this driver that threw their cigarette butt out of the window. I'm assuming female for having a plate that says SAUCY S and for having sandal decals on the back glass. SAUCY S - Ontario 27 june 2019 PETERBOROUGH
full report Passenger threw cigarette butt out window, almost landed on our car. When we pulled up on them, the couple proceeded to speed off. CCHS 368 - Ontario 26 june 2019 Hamilton
304 VOH - Ontario 27 june 2019 kitchener
They were flicking ashes out the window from what looked like a skinny cigar.I saw this repeatedly and observed the hand also enlarged and reflecting in the rear view mirror. GK6 91F - British Columbia 26 june 2019 peachland
full report The time on the video is 20 minutes faster than actual. And because the dash cam is at the middle of the car, it can not record the littering. HB8 05C - British Columbia 26 june 2019 Vancouver
full report I seen him throw a cigarette butt out while stopped at the stoplight. HD031L - British Columbia 26 june 2019 enderby
full report CHEW 116 - Ontario 26 june 2019 Markham
full report GB288X - British Columbia 26 june 2019 Langley
full report Driver threw cigarette butt out onto the ground AKMM 463 - Ontario 26 june 2019 PETERBOROUGH
full report Skinny white male w glasses driving Alberta sedan in NANAIMO Age - 30s - 40s Dropped lit cigarette butt onto road. When confronted flicked the bird. And spread away. CUS352 - Alberta 26 june 2019 Nanaimo
full report Two males in a blue Hyundai hatchback left Mcdonalds cups and wrappers on the street. I am not 100 percent on the license plate but this what i think it was. They ate and casually left. CFNC 020 - Ontario 25 june 2019 Mississauga
full report threw smouldering cigarette butt out of car window in very dry conditions in Victoria PW2 18R - British Columbia 25 june 2019 Colwood
full report Driver threw lit cigarette butt as he was driving AKMM 463 - Ontario 24 june 2019 PETERBOROUGH
full report Threw a cup of soup out of the window Y600 45 - Alberta 23 june 2019 Glacier National Park
full report HF666M - British Columbia 20 june 2019 Victoria
full report Company Truck with the name: PHD Ext. Wall Syst. Phone 250-883-8341 AW9296 - British Columbia 5 june 2019 Victoria
I heard a loud noise, I looked out of my living room window and i saw a man pushing a basketball ring with stand to the side of the road and was taking out a rope which he put into his truck and them quickly jumped to his truck and flee the scene. I jumped into my car and followed him. He parked one street away AV55488 - Ontario 22 june 2019 Alliston
Saw the female driver throw a cigarette butt from her window and it landed in the center median on the highway. We were stopped at the light at the intersection of Hwy 97 and Boucherie Road @ 3:31pm. Saturday June 22nd, 2019 NM 2486 - British Columbia 22 june 2019 west kelowna
full report Saw a small white object tossed out of a window on the right side of car. Possibly cigarette butt? HT3 94J - British Columbia 20 june 2019 Osoyoos
full report Two younger people in the car, the passenger intentially swung a water bottle up and out the car window almost hitting the vehicle behind them. As we were on the highway going fairly fast, it was very alarming to see someone litter with such force. P66RMQ - Quebec 22 june 2019 Highway
full report Looked like a kid, also driving his civic like a jerk in rush hour traffic :-) GGW 928 - Nova Scotia 20 june 2019 Hammonds Plains
Lit cigarette thrown out FW8 99G - British Columbia 21 june 2019 Prince George
full report FX6 72B - British Columbia 21 june 2019 Langley
full report 42-L249 - Alberta 21 june 2019 Edmonton
I asked the lady why is she doing this, she has opened the door and started yelling at me: Do you know me....?" I said I don't but you keep throwing your trash out of your car. The driver was quiet and didn't say anything. My daughter was witnessing all this.. 629ZVE - Quebec 21 june 2019 pointe claire
full report PX654T - British Columbia 21 june 2019 Abbotsford
full report GK9 64X - British Columbia 21 june 2019 Banff national park
full report FX600J - British Columbia 21 june 2019 Kelowna
full report PB559M - British Columbia 19 june 2019 Kelowna
full report FR155M - British Columbia 19 june 2019 Victoria
full report Smelled the smoke and then saw him take his last puff and just drop it. Not out at all and so I tried to drive over it but it was just rolling around. Finally able to take a pic of the car when we stopped at the light before turning onto Hammond Bay Rd. Had a big scratch/ black mark on back left bumper that I missed in the photo. 953 IRN - Saskatchewan 18 june 2019 Nanaimo

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