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2562 Reports to date
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Comment License plate When Where
full report 335PNL - British Columbia 25 july 2019 Tofino
full report Two people on the vehicle. We were behind them for some time. JE7 02J - British Columbia 25 july 2019 west kelowna
full report FF9 82D - British Columbia 25 july 2019 Victoria
full report Driver threw cigarette butts out the window multiple times while waiting at a stop sign. AW 11537 - Ontario 24 july 2019 Thunder Bay
full report 2 cups of mcflurry G19 DHZ - Quebec 23 july 2019 St-Bruno
Ate lunch out of his trunk, and threw the garbage all over the lawn. BWCF 355 - Ontario 23 july 2019 Ottawa
full report Threw about 5 cigarette butts and 3 drinks out the window in the span of ~30 seconds. AVYH 909 - Ontario 23 july 2019 Markham
Flicking cigarette out the window then sped through a park zone. FLORIDA IEV V50 - Nunavut 22 july 2019 Maple Ridge
full report Was driving behind the vehicle, the front passenger threw something (paper?) from the window on the ramp. GM8-89X - British Columbia 21 july 2019 Vancouver
full report CJYW607 - Ontario 21 july 2019 Angus
full report Throwing garbage out the window multiple times. Almost hitting our car with it. HE018H - British Columbia 20 july 2019 Abotsford
full report Throwing garbage out the window multiple times. The last digits of the license plate were difficult to read. BY- - 5 - ? - Ontario 20 july 2019 Stayner
full report We were driving and following a Mercedes and the driver flicked his cigarette but out the window! I just can believe in this day after so many fires it is still happening! DW8 86D - British Columbia 19 july 2019 South of Merritt
full report KA0060 - British Columbia 19 july 2019 Abbotsford
full report Tim hortons cup thrown from passenger side window HK544C - British Columbia 19 july 2019 Agassiz
full report I saw someone threw a Tim Horton's Parer wrapper and tim Horton's coffee cup off this vehicle when I was at the back of the vehicle passenger seat. I took pictures of this car. when I passed the car I found the lady driver was eating. CDTV 460 - Ontario 19 july 2019 Mississauga
Driver in front of my vehicle traveling down Portelance Road threw out 2 coffee cups from driver side window BASD 727 - Ontario 18 july 2019 Capreol
full report Lady sitting in car having a cigarette. Finishes and drops out the door still lite and walks away and locks her car. No care in the world BD1 41H - British Columbia 17 july 2019 Coquitlam
full report Vehicle was a burgundy colour, older vehicle. Gentleman driving had upper arm tattoo and was holding arm out the window and dropping white trash onto the mountain brow between Pritchard and Lineridge road near Albion falls. Gentleman dropped multiple pieces out window. CASW 468 - Ontario 16 july 2019 Hamilton
full report 2 women were driving in the car and the passenger threw a lit cigarette out her window, causing a fire hazard. HK5O5S (HK505S?) - British Columbia 14 july 2019 Vancouver
full report plastic bottle thrown onto highway, entering the town of Antigonish, car pulled off at beech hill roundabout EGZ 767 - Nova Scotia 15 july 2019 Antigonish
full report Driver threw a banana peel through the window, it was exactly 7h13am. H73 LVX - Quebec 16 july 2019 Saint-Eustache
full report Flicked her little cigarette butt that rolled on the ground and landed below my vehicle (I was behind her). If I explode I hope she's close enough to burn slowly but not die so she can feel the consequence. Asshole. CDCE803 - Ontario 16 july 2019 Durham
full report Was on phone so might not have been paying attention to ashtray location. Total douchebag. PM278K - British Columbia 15 july 2019 Kelowna
flicked a lot cigarette butt out the window. saw him light up another one within a couple of minutes NA 0017 - British Columbia 14 july 2019 Prince George
full report DB1 35J - British Columbia 12 july 2019 On hwy between Ollala and penticton
full report Driver discarded a lit cigarette driving by a wooded area then drove in to a vancouver island health authority instalation at 1946 Blenkinsop . So did I and I reminded her what she had just done but sadly she was in denial 365WEJ - British Columbia 9 july 2019 Saanich
The passenger threw a large bag of garbage outside his window towards the sidewalk with no regard for pedestrians or the fact it was a big bag of garbage CFDT 926 - Ontario 12 july 2019 Etobicoke
full report He threw his cigarette butt outside his window willingly.he LJ4659 - British Columbia 12 july 2019 Coquitlam
full report ML6839 - British Columbia 12 july 2019 Kelowna
full report Driver threw lit butt out window. I asked him if he had a habit of throwing lit butts out window. He said no.. I doubted it and took pi true of his car.. he boarded the 840 sailing.. in fact started taking pictures of me and just followed me on ferry.. scarey dude I have pictures JC558A - British Columbia 12 july 2019 Gibsons
full report JCC791 - British Columbia 11 july 2019 Kelowna
The driver of the van was smoking and flicking his cigarette outside his window; then on the highway, just threw it out of the vehicle. EN8750 - British Columbia 11 july 2019 Surrey
Throw cigarette but out window while driving up 6 mile hill CCW 7305 - Alberta 11 july 2019 Savona
full report Driver smoked in his car along the Grandview Hwy, and then flicked his cigarette butt onto the grass as he was driving. DT1 66J - British Columbia 8 july 2019 Vancouver
Driver threw burning cigarette butt out driver side window then a minimum tw later the passenger threw one out the passenger side!!!! Driver female dark hair & dark glasses. Full week then to Playa del Sol Resort where they pulled it on the parkade. My daughter was with me & took the picture. CJYJ 851 - Ontario 9 july 2019 Kelowna
As video shows, the driver threw out cigarette butt BZYC950 - Ontario 6 july 2019 Mississauga
Belfor work truck tossing cigarettes out his window. Pretty sure it's also illegal to smoke in a work vehicle. KP 9421 - British Columbia 8 july 2019 Kelowna
She discards her cigarette butts daily into a storm drain! 604 SVR - British Columbia 7 july 2019 courtenay
full report Parked smoking and threw 2 cigarette butts on of car window BTXN126 - Ontario 8 july 2019 Toronto
full report Asked for him to pick it up but he just closed his window. CDL 9799 - Alberta 8 july 2019 Invermere
I have dash cam video of them tossing a butt out their window and it bouncing along the highway. CCHY 386 - Ontario 8 july 2019 Mississauga
full report CCHY 386 - Ontario 8 july 2019 Mississauga
full report They knew it was wrong because the moment they saw they weren't alone they took off. Vehicle was a definite brown paint job, not beige or olive which are the only closest options. Could only find the butt from the passenger, the driver might have been better-behaved or tossed it far. Passenger's brand is unknown, a red "WD" on the butt. 124 PWR - British Columbia 8 july 2019 Surrey
Threw a plastic bottle out window into drive through and cigarette butts as well. AVPT866 - Ontario 8 july 2019 Chatham
She threw a light cigarette straight out her window 6075 KL - British Columbia 7 july 2019 Surrey
Passenger of the car threw a full Tim Hortons cup out the window and hit a sign. We were the car behind and our front windshield was covered in liquid CHZX 143 - Ontario 7 july 2019 Brantford
full report threw mcdonalds wrappers out of window onto highway CJFA 954 - Ontario 6 july 2019 Ottawa
full report Passenger threw a plastic cup out the window followed by a paper napkin and other miscellaneous trash. BTAV548 - Ontario 6 july 2019 Burlington
Driver threw lit/smouldering cigarette onto the pavement. Area is rural, grasslands/fields. BHR-1964 - Alberta 4 july 2019 Clairmont

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