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2283 Reports to date
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Comment License plate When Where
full report Driver threw out lit cigarette. Lit up again one mile later at Saanich. Most likely there that one out too. Young male with brown medium tone short hair. 124 SVM - British Columbia 12 february 2019 Victoria
full report Both the driver and passenger threw out multiple butts each out their windows while I followed behind them for almost an hour. It sickens me that people do this and dont care. EP9 55F - British Columbia 11 february 2019 Nelson to Trail
full report Driver had a loose tarp over a bunch of trash. Garbage was continually blowing from their truck as they were speeding down the highway. Trying to stay up with them was dangerous so I couldn't tell the make of their pickup truck but it was an American make. A plus cleaning janitorial vehicle driving west and it turned off into Coquitlam. JG480 - British Columbia 9 february 2019 Coquitlam
A piece of trash contributing to littering on our beautiful city streets. Sigh... And I'm sure he/she's probably littered all their miserable life. Assumptions: *45 years old *Started at age 17 *Average 15 cigs a day *Litter to ground 90% of the time Math 28 years of smoking x 15 cigs a day x 90% litter rate =137970 littered cigs. Disgusting. AKMM 463 - Ontario 6 february 2019 PETERBOROUGH
full report Threw a banana peel out the window as if it was a normal act. BMAT 650 - Ontario 5 february 2019 Brampton
full report BA950L - British Columbia 4 february 2019 Vancouver
full report Employee that watched on camera them throw cup out window at order screen. AFZF 583 - Ontario 2 february 2019 Aurora
Scummy person got out and threw garbage on the floor right in front of me, can't make it out in poor quality upload but in picture you can see the trash and the trash person's car. CDMS 705 - Ontario 1 february 2019 Mississauga
full report 2019. Littering is littering bro. 031 XTB - British Columbia 1 february 2019 Kelowna
full report FMY113 - Nova Scotia 30 january 2019 Memramcook
full report Threw fast food trash and plastic water bottle out of car window in parking lot BZJE 213 - Ontario 30 january 2019 Waterloo
full report The driver littered an empty plastic water bottle right in the middel of the road when the lights were red! He was heading west and waiting on the lights on Queensway and Windermere in Toronto. Very disrespectful! I kept looking at him (I was waiting on the streetcar stop) because I was very disappointed. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to take a picture or video! CEED 034 - Ontario 27 january 2019 Toronto
We watched as the passenger randomly threw two bananas and a Subway drinking cup out the window while stopped at a light. Brutal. CACF 614 - Ontario 26 january 2019 Toronto
FC976D - British Columbia 24 january 2019 Victoria
full report While in traffic, casually opened his car door and threw his Tim Hortons coffee cup as if it was an act of complete mundanity J17MCV - Quebec 23 january 2019 St-Lambert
full report There napkins from their window. Even had a "Catholic is life" type of bumper sticker. HD8 75P - British Columbia 21 january 2019 Trail
full report GN2 11L - British Columbia 21 january 2019 Surrey
This woman threw her Tim Hortons cup, into the parking lot after dumping the coffee out. There was a garbage bin less than 25 feet away from her vehicle. BYV6435 - Alberta 19 january 2019 calgary
full report Both driver and passenger tossed lit butts out the window MS 9835 - British Columbia 15 january 2019 Abbotsford
full report She passed a garbage bin, got in her car and opened the window, dumped a can of iced tea and half eaten food on the ground, the passenger saw her, did nothing. AXZL044 - Ontario 15 january 2019 Scarborough
The driver threw the trashes two times into Tim Horton drive-through bushes! First time was the can and the second time was the Tim horton cup. HB918A - British Columbia 14 january 2019 Burnaby
full report Came from the east, pulled over, smoked a cigarette, tossed it, got back in the car, did a U-turn and headed back east. FX2 42H - British Columbia 14 january 2019 Surrey
Chineese national person put down his cigarette but on the ground eventhough there was garbage bin in front of him. BPZ-1383 - Alberta 12 january 2019 Car wash on 4th street
Watched the female driver throw out the lit butt HH5570 - British Columbia 11 january 2019 Kelowna
full report GG5 82A - British Columbia 11 january 2019 Kelowna
full report GE797B - British Columbia 7 january 2019 Kamloops
full report BERM548 - Ontario 6 january 2019 Hamilton
daughter and mom@timhortons mom puts 3 large empty plastic starbucks cups on the ground with napkins ,i ask if they are going to put them in the garbage they left the parking lot leaving the garbage on the ground 162 WSG - British Columbia 5 january 2019 Port Coquitlam
full report Multiple times trash like napkins, sigarette butts and something else was thrown through the car roof. CRZA 283 - Ontario 29 december 2018 Milton area
full report BR 2275 - British Columbia 24 december 2018 Chilliwack
full report Hammerte written in back window. Threw out Red Solo cups. We were travelling directly behind. They pulled into Maple Creek convenience store. 048 JXK - Saskatchewan 22 december 2018 Maple Creek
full report JCT 850 - Newfounland and Labrador 18 december 2018 Bay Bulls
full report Young age driver with female passenger in tim Horton on scott road & 81 ace sitting in car. After done with their food , just drop trash by driver. GB3 33T - British Columbia 14 december 2018 Surrey
I honked and the passenger came to my car. When I told him to stop littering he told me to fck off and gave me the finger. White make, acne, shaggy hair, late teens maybe CAJE 459 - Ontario 13 december 2018 Ottawa
full report This guy threw 4 litted cigarettes out of windows. On flashing him/her, couple more were threw out. And passenger and driver were doing it. EP630M - British Columbia 11 december 2018 Langley
full report Blasting loud music ,while the driver ( male ) got out to feed a baby that was in the vehicle , the women in the passenger just dumped trash out from her door card , I caught video just after them dumping trash on the ground ER8-09H - British Columbia 5 december 2018 Surrey
full report E00648 - Alberta 4 december 2018 Banff
Threw cup lid and straw out of window. D66325 - British Columbia 4 december 2018 Winfield
MP 3045 - British Columbia 30 november 2018 Surrey
Lighting forest fires and grass fires like a boss. AKMM 463 - Ontario 26 november 2018 PETERBOROUGH
CFZN 723 - Ontario 25 november 2018 Windsor
full report Rudely threw out recyclables in mcdonalds drive thru causing cars to drive over plastic and possibly pop tire BXBN 932 - Ontario 26 november 2018 St. Catharines
full report Passenger in front seat of viechlle threw trash out of vichelle multiple times onto side of highway. CDAE551 - Ontario 25 november 2018 Hamilton
full report GX8 35A - British Columbia 24 november 2018 Chemainus
full report Another dumb ass who thinks it's ok to throw their burning cigarette butt out the window. You know, because they don't want to have the stink in their car. 665 KN - British Columbia 20 november 2018 Vancouver
full report Given how severely damaged BC has been by fires started by negligence, this is really upsetting. GVE 704 - British Columbia 18 november 2018 Kamloops
they asked us if we can throw their garbage but we told them that it was against to our policy, that we do not accept any garbage then the passenger throw it out of the car window 626 KRX - Saskatchewan 16 november 2018 Saskatoon
full report Two people littered 169GNG - Saskatchewan 15 november 2018 Saskatoon
full report Happened in Tim Hortons drive thru window 742JAE - Saskatchewan 13 november 2018 Saskatoon
full report Threw out a bag of McDonald's garbage at the intersection. I was on the other side of the intersection. Two young women in the vehicle (age 18-20?) I threw my hands up to ask "Why?" and they laughed when they drove past... just rude! STL 270 - British Columbia 13 november 2018 Abbotsford

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