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4395 Reports to date
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4395 Reports to date
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20 april 2024

middle-aged blonde woman threw a partially smoked, lit cigarette from her window while waiting to turn onto whyte avenue
ZGG 180 - Alberta

North Vancouver

21 april 2024

Driver and passenger threw their garbage out of the window. They repeated this incident 2 times within a few minutes. Driver was with his family, wife and kid. Shameful!!!
RG563G - British Columbia


21 april 2024

She put her full arm out the window and raised her hand and dramatically flicked it like it was cool.
VL561V - British Columbia


20 april 2024

Witnessed passenger throwing plastic tim hortons cup out of their vehicle while sitting at lights out of their window
HFM 001 - Nova Scotia


18 april 2024

Driver threw old vapes out of his window at a red light, smashing them on the ground.
960 NFX - Saskatchewan


18 april 2024

BW38769 - Ontario

Fort Saskatchewan

15 april 2024

Driver threw lit cigarette out window
BTS 4980 - Alberta

Sturgeon county

15 april 2024

Threw cigarette butt out window
CLP-9546 - Alberta


14 april 2024

There were two women in this truck and one of them threw a scrunched up Tim Hortons bag out of her car window into this residential street.
RAY 65 - Ontario


14 april 2024

Smelled weed coming from the car, saw him throw a joint butt out the window into the grassy ditch during a fire ban!
CDK -461 - Alberta


9 april 2024

Was driving a bit recklessly and it was more than one piece of garbage that they threw out the window
BZ 23889 - Ontario


5 april 2024

Speeding and garbage flying out of box hitting my car almost caused an accident
VV4619 - British Columbia


4 april 2024

Driver tossed whote garbage bag outaide driver side window while waiting at traffic light
CYTS580 - Ontario


31 march 2024

Threw a cigarette but out of the window while driving, hitting the windshield of our vehicle. Also seemed to have forgotten how the signal light works 🤔
BKM0779 - Alberta

New West minister

30 march 2024

The driver was a adult male and the Female adult passenger threw what appeared to be crumpled paper poor of the wall.
SB608S - British Columbia


27 march 2024

Threw out tons of garbage out the window, he was in a plaza with garbage cans behind him.
CXCW 606 - Ontario


28 march 2024

Unreal, just parked by a mailbox and threw several items of trash on the roadside and just drove off. Unbelievable. Hopefully someone is able to hold this idiot accountable.
CFDV 833 - Ontario


27 march 2024

Driver threw cigarette butt out the window also cut another vehicle off by unsafe lane change
SEO 93C - British Columbia

Thunder Bay

25 march 2024

Male and Female Littering on side yard with miscellaneous trash. Litters are shown in the picture
CYTZ 086 - Ontario


24 march 2024

Continued in intervals for minimum 2km. Could've been pistachio shells. Wouldn't stop even after honking. Car resembled a 2018 Tiguan, but I couldn't tell.
PE694X - British Columbia


25 march 2024

4O7 36C - British Columbia

Red deer

23 march 2024

Drop cans of pop on the highway
CLL5315 - Alberta


19 march 2024

I was driving behind this vehicle which had bags of recycling in the back, and as I was following them bottles were flying out of the bags and onto the road.
SV8654 - British Columbia


18 march 2024

They threw garbage out of the window right after exiting the Tim hortons drive through.
CWTC-709 - Ontario


13 march 2024

CRJA 767 - Ontario

St. Johns

13 march 2024

passenger threw a bunch of wrappers out the window
JSE609 - Newfounland and Labrador


8 march 2024

Dude just straight up tosse some wrapper out his window
649 NGE - Saskatchewan


5 march 2024

They threw multiple items out the window
MISSMO - British Columbia


29 february 2024

Just threw their empty cup out of the car window on the bridge in Inglewood. So disgusting.
CRT 3952 - Alberta


25 february 2024

CYTS186 - Ontario


23 february 2024

They threw a bag of trash out the window
CWJA 737 - Ontario


19 february 2024

CZJH 668 - Ontario


15 february 2024

Driving down lickman road, going over train tracks, rounding the corner heading down chilliwack mountain road
EA8 90K - British Columbia


14 february 2024

Driver tossed crumpled wrapper or similar out of window at a red light
CKTA 855 - Ontario


11 february 2024

LJ 8286 - British Columbia


7 february 2024

We were parked in the mall parking late on the date above. My GF and I noticed that they had just thrown out all this trash from their car. We tried to take a more clear picture but they were moving so getting their license plate was a bit difficult but we did memorize it.
TF0 33G - British Columbia

Clayton Heights, BC

5 february 2024

Throws their parking tickets on their neighbor's lawn.
SC663E - British Columbia

Clayton Heights, BC

23 january 2024

Throws their parking tickets on their neighbor's lawn.
SC663E - British Columbia

Cowichan Bay

3 february 2024

Threw a cigarette out the window at a stop light.
NW0120 - British Columbia


2 february 2024

Took ticket off windshield and threw it into street
FRX6332 - Quebec


10 january 2024

Driver open window and trough garbage out of window on QEW. On Jan 10, 2024at 11:52 AM Mercedes number CDKS 634 or CDMS 634 highway QEWlitteringevidence. Video stream attached from Tesla camera
CDKS 634 - Ontario


30 january 2024

Young male playing loud music in the parking lot dumped a whole pile of bottles oit of his car onto the ground
0-AE456 - Alberta


23 january 2024

I was driving right behind the Ford F-150, waiting for the light to turn green. That was until I saw the driver of the Ford toss a burning cigarette butt onto the ground. I honked my horn at him but he chose to drive off.
VK 6320 - British Columbia

Red deer

18 january 2024

Malibu LS
CRB-5242 - Alberta

Upper Burlington

17 january 2024

This man dropped his kids off and threw garbage from his car into the yard. All dirty diapers.
GJY 284 - Nova Scotia


17 december 2023

I was leaving the aquarium when I saw the old driver litter his cigarette not even 5 feet away from a garbage bin (its just outside the photo)
CLKR-876 - Ontario

New Glasgow

9 january 2024

On Maritime Marine Supply property (side parking)
HEH 677 - Nova Scotia


6 january 2024

Vehicle cut off traffic and brake checked us coming to a stop on the road. Brake checked a few more times. Threw multiple pieces of garbage not the window including napkins
CXLN 336 - Ontario


5 january 2024

Passenger of vehicle ( sitting in Right rear seat)threw out wad of garbage from window first when driving up Jane street approaching Kirby road in vaughan . Vehicle turned left on to Kirby road and threw out another wad of garbage which looked like fast food garbage . After driving another 200metres , they threw out a third wad of garbage out the window .
CFVF5Q4 - Ontario


31 december 2023

Just blatantly threw out their drive thru trash in broad daylight with us right behind them. A bag with miscellaneous cups, wrappers, straws and napkins. Not impressed much.
DANC177 - Ontario
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