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3776 Reports to date
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3776 Reports to date
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16 february 2022

I pointed out this individual that they dropped their Tim Hortons items, and handed them back to them... they got verbally abusive with me, and threw the items back at me. Then drove off and gave me the finger.
CJDX 438 - Ontario


15 february 2022

This loser finished their lunch then just opened the drivers side door and threw their garbage on the ground.
EJF-402 - Alberta


14 february 2022

I was pulling out of my parking spot in our private building parking lot and this vehicle was parked in the lot smoking cigarettes and they do not live in our building. They started their vehicle and drove out of the parking lot and as they were leaving they dumped a bunch of packs of cigarettes out the window both the curtains them self and the plastic wrap around them.
KHB412 - Manitoba


13 february 2022

Going on the on ramp from Howard to E c row this vehicle threw out 2 bags of trash from his vehicle.
BYPW 608 - Ontario

Prince albert

12 february 2022

868LGU - Saskatchewan


11 february 2022

MK2 05S - British Columbia


11 february 2022

Driver threw fast food bag out of car window heading north on 91 street. He was the only person in the car.
X56 XXE - Quebec


9 february 2022

I was shocked to see this person pull into a parking space behind IRIS NDT and then start unloading all kinds of garbage out her passenger door. She was the only one in the car and likely thought she was being smart. 2 plastics cups along with napkins and god knows what else. She looked right at me parked 5 spaces away and thought nothing of it. POS!
CFM-8948 - Alberta


9 february 2022

This idiot dumps his garbage in the same place nearly everyday. Norfolk OPP could care less.
AP 81337 - Ontario


8 february 2022

We were driving and saw this driver throw a silver and red can out his driver side window while driving.
NY1458 - British Columbia


4 february 2022

Throwing Mcdonalds trash outside window
CSSW709 - Ontario


3 february 2022

The cigarette butt that the driver threw out of the vehicle bounced up & hit our vehicle.
NM8344 - British Columbia


3 february 2022

CTYH465 - Ontario

Carleton Place

3 february 2022

The driver threw a mask out of their window and the passenger threw a Tim Hortons cups out the window.
G43 YJW - Quebec


26 january 2022

Passenger of cab W60 repeatedly throwing garbage out of window on 152st (mask, crumpled paper etc)
CAB #W60 - British Columbia


24 january 2022

I witnessed the drive of a dark grey Honda with license plate VW7 15V through a lit cigarette butt out of their driver side window.
VW7 15V - British Columbia

Long Sault

21 january 2022

they threw a bag of something out of their window during a traffic jam
Y02XXW - Quebec


21 january 2022

Driver through coffee cup and bag out of window
IR HORA - Ontario


18 january 2022

I was driving on the left lane. From the right lane, a red Nissan SUV driver cut me from right lane suddenly. I had to brake hard in order to avoid collision. As I hongked the driver, He or she threw coffee cup at my Car from the driverside window and also, showed middle finger.
CSVH-124 - Ontario


20 january 2022

Dumped two Tim Hortons cups out the window onto the street
CTMR 737 - Ontario

Port Moody

18 january 2022

RX 0882 - British Columbia


18 january 2022

Blond hair with ponytail. Dropped cigarette but at the lights and was still burning when traffic started up again.
EE90H8 - British Columbia


18 january 2022

Throw a handful of trash from the window while parked out the fron of this is cannabis, abbotsford
HKO39J - British Columbia


18 january 2022

dumbed a bunch of trash before entering the tim hortons drive thru
CASK 412 - Ontario


15 january 2022

Driver launched can out the window infront of us on the drove thru, got out to give them the can back and they wound their windows up!
NA8 61C - British Columbia

Dollard Des Omreaux

13 january 2022

A police car stopped, opened the door and dropped a Tim Hortons cup in the road near my house.
UNKOWN - Quebec


12 january 2022

The passenger basically emptied all the trash from the car onto my street in front of my house
CTTB 332 - Ontario


10 january 2022

Driver threw fast food garbage out of their window
CHAW 809 - Ontario


31 december 2021

January 1st 2022. If someone can report my son to ticket so should I. Disrespectful.
KASSIM1 - Alberta

North York

29 december 2021

The driver bought some food from the bakery & ate inside the car, then he opened the car door & slightly drop the bag on the ground, I noticed him he left the garbage but unfortunately he denied & drove.
CBCH923 - Ontario


27 december 2021

Passenger threw tim hortons garbage out of window
CLWK 464 - Ontario


26 december 2021

We , (myself, the driver and another passenger watched them do it , then turned around , and said something and they just got in their car and shut the doors
EC2O1E - British Columbia


24 december 2021

Passengers were also throwing litter out the windows and being generally inconsiderate and aggressive.
AW 91374 - Ontario


22 december 2021

Threw their mask out the window just before passing from the inside
CSO - New Brunswick


21 december 2021

Thrugh cig out window at McDonald's
CMED 106 - Ontario


18 december 2021

This person littered a Kleenex/tissue box and a few used tissues at the red light. This person also drive recklessly.
FNW4406 - Quebec


17 december 2021

Passenger threw multiple cans and plastic bottles out to the side road. A video has been recorded.
EP9 71E - British Columbia


16 december 2021

Guy really tossed a cigarette butt out the window after the heat wave we just had
AE8847 - British Columbia

North Vancouver

16 december 2021

Watched them throw 2 white cans out of their vehicle and then give the middle finger to multiple drivers as they continued driving. Looked to be drinking.
LK659K - British Columbia

Shawnigan Lake

15 december 2021

not sure
KV746F - British Columbia


15 december 2021

CATH249 - Ontario


11 december 2021

NN7048 - British Columbia


10 december 2021

Both driver and passenger both littered butts out their windows.
CHI-8146 - Alberta


8 december 2021

Woman threw something small out her window. She is parked here often and has been spoken to about the issue. She continues to throw trash without caring that there is a garbage can within 30 meters
BRVC348 - Ontario


10 december 2021

Woman threw trash out her window. When asked to pick it up she said no and states she will do it again tomorrow.
BRVC348 - Ontario


10 december 2021

Everytime im behind him he throws out a tim hortons cup
BE23677 - Ontario

Outside Rivers

9 december 2021

HXH 488 - Manitoba


8 december 2021

I don't have a photo. But this person was littering a lit cigarette while driving!
BJB 5562 - Alberta

Onslow Mountain

7 december 2021

This person left behind their temporary permit number 3304684 expires 05 jan 2022.
3304684 - Nova Scotia


4 december 2021

Leaving west Edmonton mall, saw someone in front of us throw what looked like an ice cream container out the passenger window on the ground.
CJZ 0144 - Alberta
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