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3174 Reports to date
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3174 Reports to date
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13 may 2020

Both driver and passenger threw trash out of their windows, in retaliation of being honked at due to their failure to properly let another vehicle into their merging lane. They were in a red hatchback, with the licence plate: SP3 . The incident occured around 11AM on the 13 of May and the initial littering occured right after the round-about merging lane near the RCMP
SP3 - Prince Edward Island


12 may 2020

Was stopped along side of Queen st. Littered a mcdonalds burger container and a mcdonalds brown bag on side of road.
FJT187 - Nova Scotia


11 may 2020

not sure
BC36136 - Ontario


9 may 2020

Typical Albertan behaviour in BC
CCR-4964 - Alberta


9 may 2020

HR2710 - British Columbia

Shuniah flying j truck stop

9 may 2020

This lazy Indian truck driver got out of his truck and peed on the paved ground. He was too lazy to go inside the truck stop to relieve himself.
U27200 - Alberta


8 may 2020

Male driver threw his cigarette butt out the window.
256 SWB - British Columbia


7 may 2020

Hit my car and sparked everywhere. Was still fully lit.
FD782C - British Columbia


6 may 2020

Buddy threw an empty icecap out his window.
FZA384 - Nova Scotia


3 may 2020

Threw a full bag of trash over the bridge into the river.
CJNA 048 - Ontario

Port Joli

30 april 2020

Just a shitty guy and his wife chucking timmies cups all over the place ahead of me
AZU939 - Nova Scotia

Maple Ridge

1 may 2020

Looked to be a beer can tossed out window while driving
HM3 11P - British Columbia


30 april 2020

If it wasn't for me taking picture, he would have thrown the rest of the food he was eating.
CFYM 239 - Ontario


30 april 2020

On Counteyside Drive while making a left turn onto Dixie Road, the driver was seen wiping the outside of his car window with a tissue. Afterwards, the driver proceeded to release it outside and litter.
CLMX798 - Ontario


29 april 2020

A large black GMC Sierra with very tinted windows was throwing cans out of the passenger and driver windows while driving along the island highway and took Exit 14
MW5851 - British Columbia


25 april 2020

Watched him eat his Popeye's chi Ken then left his uneaten food and trash on the ground and drove away
EUW 217 - Alberta


25 april 2020

Passenger in vehicle, after shopping at Zheng Supermarket, took wipes to clean and wipe his car door handles. Then threw the waste into the shopping cart beside the vehicle.
UUC138 - Alberta


24 april 2020

Someone in a car threw a paper cup out of the window right on the Lions Gate Bridge. I might be a mistaken here, but I think the driver was an Asian women. I just briefly looked at that car when it passed me speeding. I was able to catch up at the traffic light. That's when I recorded licence plate and took a picture.
314GMJ - British Columbia


23 april 2020

Male stepoed out of his sedan at 2 35 am night and unloaded 3 big bags and left it on the curb inftont of the fire hydrant . Thursday is a garbage day for my attached


23 april 2020

Parked at McDonalds, opened his door and dropped all the garbage from their meals under the side of the car, after they ate.
CKHF 824 - Ontario

Onaping falls

21 april 2020

Female driver Through a plastic coke bottle out her driver window by high falls on highway 144 as she was travelling behind me
CEPC 140 - Ontario


21 april 2020

Driver tossed used tissues out window during
CJCR 523 - Ontario


20 april 2020

Person threw a broken apart dresser behind a building where there was no dumpster
Y2F 211 - Alberta


17 april 2020

not sure
KD3 02P - British Columbia

Lake Cowichan

12 april 2020

2 bags of garbage were thrown from the passenger side of the vehicle. 1 blue bag and 1 white bag
CAN MAKE OUT - British Columbia


11 april 2020

I watched the driver take off blue disposable gloves and drop them on the pavement next to his vehicle as he got into his car.
CDHS 031 - Ontario

Highway 95A near Cranbrook airport turnoff

7 april 2020

Driver threw a Tim Hortons coffee cup out his window.
NW4957 - British Columbia


6 april 2020

Saw plastic wrapping fly out the window followed by a treat bag (like a Tim hortons donut bag)
8B-93070 - Nova Scotia


4 april 2020

In the parking lot at the Home Depot. She was smoking and chatting with the driver while the driver loaded things in the car. When she finished her cigarette, she tossed the but on the ground and put it out with her foot. I commented to her that she should not pollute, she became argumentative and disrespectful in response.
K01PFV - Quebec


3 april 2020

Watched the female driver pull in part way into the drive-through and blatantly drop the cup right onto the ground very disrespectful
BWAM 859 - Ontario

Lake Country

2 april 2020

Saw driver throw his cigarette butt out of his window while driving, truck is a dark/charcoal F150. On highway 97 in lake country BC
RB730L - British Columbia


31 march 2020

They threw trash at the Time Hortons Drive Thru, there was. Garbage can less than 10 feet away!
KJ524W - British Columbia


31 march 2020

Threw multiple items out window within 1km
ZKZ 001 - Ontario


31 march 2020

CDSM473 - Ontario


30 march 2020

The car in the picture with license plate CHVV291 threw an entire bag of take out garbage in the parking lot. They remained there loitering
CHVV-291 - Ontario


27 march 2020

Dropped her litter on the ground. When she was spoken to about dropping something out of her car she said she would pick it up. A few minutes later she got out of her car. Stepped on it to flatten the garbage and then proceed to kick under her vehicle.
BA564B - British Columbia


26 march 2020

Guy just pulled up emptied his big recycling bin into the field and then took off.
BVB 4948 - Alberta


24 march 2020

I saw the driver throwing his cup of coffee on the highway. We were entering 401 East from Fairview mall.
CJAY 479 - Ontario


21 march 2020

The driver littered two Starbucks cups out the window. I approached him and told him to pick it up since I saw. He said he will but never did. Therefore reporting him. Here was a garbage can less than 20ft away. Please rake appropriate actions. You can see the two cups in the image provided
CKJK 518 - Ontario

Marathon, ON

19 march 2020

BYV 8138 - Alberta


18 march 2020

This individual threw two face masks out the drivers window (one red and one white). Unbelievable that someone would do this at any time, let alone during a COVID-19 outbreak. Anyone picking up trash (city workers) would be exposed to whatever heinous mucous this loser has in their mouth.
BJLH651 - Ontario


17 march 2020

Threw multiple what appeared to be Tim hortons cups out the passenger side vehicle on second consession by the mushroom farm.
CKAR913 - Ontario


15 march 2020

they littered on 3 separate occasions, all a few meters from eachother
CLKY 585 - Ontario


15 march 2020

Parked in front of my house and threw their bottles on my lawn
232 WPR - Ontario


14 march 2020

The car was a small, newer white car (maybe Nissan micra, or similar) and there were two ladies, appeared to be friends in their late 40's / 50's. We were in the drive-thru at the Tim Hortons and the passenger tossed her full cup of McDonald's coffee out the window right beside the car, into the manicured cedar mulch and bushes. I got out of my car (my 10-year-old daughter was with me), and I went and picked their cup up. I looked at the passenger and said, "Why would you do that?" Then she told me to "F off and why don't you go get laid! The F'n workers would clean it up B----!" I told her, "No, it is not their job to clean up after you. Our children count on us to teach them better than that and we need to look after this planet so they can have a clean, healthy future." She then said, "F yourself!" and contined, "Are you talking to me?, Are you talking to me? Are you...." She kept repeating it. I said, " Yes I am looking right at you, I am going to put this in the garbage and take the plastic lid home and pop it in my recycling for you since you are too ignorant and lazy to do it yourself." She continued to swear and curse. My little girl and I drove through and the Tim Horton's employee's smiled at me and said, "Your purchase was paid for...everyone in the line up tried to pay for you... they all wished they had done the same!" So, I hope you fine this this lady driver and her friend/sister/mom as they are terrible people and said the worst things. They must do this all the time, they just don't care and were the meanest people I have witnessed. Thank you. Marie VH, Mission BC
F79 23C - British Columbia


12 march 2020

not sure
CFAJ 842 - Ontario


13 march 2020

This is a co-op taxi driver, I watched him drop off his passenger and then decided to throw out his filthy napkins on the road where families with small children and dogs walk daily.
470 FXQ - Saskatchewan


13 march 2020

Followed this guy out of the Tim Hortons drive thru. As he was leaving the parking lot, he threw out what looked to be a plastic lid from a dip type container 🤬
BA57573 - Ontario


11 march 2020

The driver threw an apple out the window, which then bounced and hit my car.
GJ6 83N - British Columbia


11 march 2020

Three young adults all wreaking of weed throwing litter out of vehicle
U53777 - Alberta
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