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Frequently Asked Questions

Short term objectives:
Grow awareness and sensibility about this behavior. Make the offenders know that their license plate or picture of their car, is recorded forever. This will very likely make them think twice before littering again.
Long term goal:
Make this behavior morally unacceptable in our society. If and when this behavior becomes widely morally unacceptable, littering will certainly diminish drastically. Moral norms work even better than law enforcement.

  1. Increasing the number of people who report incidents.
  2. Facilitating the legal punishment of the offenders. Littering reports are available to local and provincial authorities.
Penalties for littering vary across the country and they are already as high as $1000 for cigarette butt littering.

Reports are permanently recorded in a database and offered to Municipalities and Ministries of Transportation across Canada. Please ask your local authorities to make use of our reports and:

  1. Send educational/warning notes to offenders
  2. Pursue the offenders legally
Even if a report is not utilized today, it will be very useful in the future, especially for the purpose of identifying repeated offenders.

We will not argue with the alleged offenders. If the owner of the vehicle denies the report, we will unpublish that report. At that point we have reached our objective: that person will probably never litter again.

Yes you can, and your reports are still valuable. However anonymous reports are easier to contest.

The system DOES NOT ask for personal info like name or address. The system only asks for an email address. If you wish you can leave a phone number. If requested, we will only share your info with the local authorities where littering is reported. We will never solicit. Click here to create an account and report from there.

Report Litter Canada, is a registered Canadian Non-for-profit Organization, Corporation Number 1062415-2, made of volunteers who are profoundly disturbed watching people litter and committed to making this behavior morally unacceptable.