Our Mission

While individual's littering from vehicles is illegal and fines can reach as much as $1000, we can all agree that legal enforcement has done little and will never be able to drastically reduce this type of littering.
The reason is simple, law enforcement and the legal system cannot afford going after every person who throws a cigarette out of the window.

We believe the only way to reduce this type of littering is raising people's awareness and sensibility, working our way into making this behavior morally unacceptable.

We believe that "morally unacceptable" is the magic word here. If and when littering from vehicles becomes widely morally unacceptable, the majority of today's litterers will stop littering, because public pressure will make them to, friends and family will tell them: that's not cool!

Raising awareness and sensibility is the first step on making a behavior morally unacceptable. Our organization is committed to working and following various avenues toward this goal.
We believe that one of the most efficient ways of raising awareness and sensibility is engaging people into reporting littering incidents and making those reports public.

Imagine a day when every Canadian knows that he/she can, and is willing to, report every littering incident that they witness. This would mean that litterers would also know that if they litter, there's a high chance that people behind would take note and report.
We strongly believe that when this day comes, littering from vehicles and any other type of individual littering will be drastically reduced.

This is our mission and for the sake of our common wellbeing, we invite you to join us.
No matter how little your contribution is, multiplied by millions the little becomes a giant.