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Who littered reportLFV.truckBad
Gender male
License Plate and Province KM3945 - British Columbia
Vehicle type truck
Made not sure
Model Dump Truck
Color grey

Type of litter miscellaneous trash

Province British Columbia
City/Town Baldonnel
Street/Highway name Baldonnel Road
Closest intersection 247 Road

Day 10 october 2017 (tue)
Time 2:20 PM

  Unsecured load in the back of dump truck, several pieces of long plastic wrap type stuff few out of the back of the box while I was following it for 2 kms. I stopped and talked to the drive about it when he pulled into a drive. He seemed indifferent and blew me off. I believe in talking to your neighbors before reporting them, but he wasn't sorry or seemed to care, so I think he needs reported so he will change his ways.

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