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Who littered passenger
Gender female
License Plate and Province KRAZYDOL - Ontario
Vehicle type sedan
Made not sure
Color black

Type of litter miscellaneous trash

Province Ontario
City/Town Orangeville
Street/Highway name 230 Centennial Rd
Closest intersection Riddell Road

Day 30 july 2018 (mon)
Time 9:30 AM

  We went to the Tim Hortons Drive Thru and it was a black car in front of us. It was a male driver with facial hair and he was wearing sunglasses with a female passenger. She opened her door and left a full bag of garbage in a McDonald's bag in the muddle of the drive thru. Once they paid she then threw out an empty Gatorade bottle from her window just in the middle of the road. It so disgusting to see people litter anywhere but they did it in public in the middle of a drive thru! Hopefully they get authorities to contact them and warn them about there behavior.

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