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Who littered driver
Gender male
License Plate and Province BVZ-5291 - Alberta
Vehicle type suv
Made other
Model Lexus GX460
Color white

Type of litter cigarette butt

Province British Columbia
City/Town Kelowna
Street/Highway name Glenmore Drive
Closest intersection Glenmore & Bernard

Day 30 july 2018 (mon)
Time 9 PM

  Male Driver. Female Passenger. Female tossed her lit cigarette onto very dry shoulder of road on Glenmore Drive, spraying red embers all over as it bounced. (Glenmore Drive has already had a fire this week that required 2 helicopters to put out) 1 minute later the Male tossed his lit cigarette butt onto Bernard street, at my car, after I had honked at them for throwing the first burning cigarette (this 2nd cigarette now spraying red burning embers all over) Kelowna is currently covered in smoke and is fighting fires daily with dry grass/shrubs all along the roadsides. These people from Alberta purposely threw the 2nd cigarette in revenge for being honked at for the first. Classless.

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