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4460 Reports to date
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4460 Reports to date
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7 february 2024

We were parked in the mall parking late on the date above. My GF and I noticed that they had just thrown out all this trash from their car. We tried to take a more clear picture but they were moving so getting their license plate was a bit difficult but we did memorize it.
TF0 33G - British Columbia

Clayton Heights, BC

5 february 2024

Throws their parking tickets on their neighbor's lawn.
SC663E - British Columbia

Clayton Heights, BC

23 january 2024

Throws their parking tickets on their neighbor's lawn.
SC663E - British Columbia

Cowichan Bay

3 february 2024

Threw a cigarette out the window at a stop light.
NW0120 - British Columbia


2 february 2024

Took ticket off windshield and threw it into street
FRX6332 - Quebec


10 january 2024

Driver open window and trough garbage out of window on QEW. On Jan 10, 2024at 11:52 AM Mercedes number CDKS 634 or CDMS 634 highway QEWlitteringevidence. Video stream attached from Tesla camera
CDKS 634 - Ontario


30 january 2024

Young male playing loud music in the parking lot dumped a whole pile of bottles oit of his car onto the ground
0-AE456 - Alberta


23 january 2024

I was driving right behind the Ford F-150, waiting for the light to turn green. That was until I saw the driver of the Ford toss a burning cigarette butt onto the ground. I honked my horn at him but he chose to drive off.
VK 6320 - British Columbia

Red deer

18 january 2024

Malibu LS
CRB-5242 - Alberta

Upper Burlington

17 january 2024

This man dropped his kids off and threw garbage from his car into the yard. All dirty diapers.
GJY 284 - Nova Scotia


17 december 2023

I was leaving the aquarium when I saw the old driver litter his cigarette not even 5 feet away from a garbage bin (its just outside the photo)
CLKR-876 - Ontario

New Glasgow

9 january 2024

On Maritime Marine Supply property (side parking)
HEH 677 - Nova Scotia


6 january 2024

Vehicle cut off traffic and brake checked us coming to a stop on the road. Brake checked a few more times. Threw multiple pieces of garbage not the window including napkins
CXLN 336 - Ontario


5 january 2024

Passenger of vehicle ( sitting in Right rear seat)threw out wad of garbage from window first when driving up Jane street approaching Kirby road in vaughan . Vehicle turned left on to Kirby road and threw out another wad of garbage which looked like fast food garbage . After driving another 200metres , they threw out a third wad of garbage out the window .
CFVF5Q4 - Ontario


31 december 2023

Just blatantly threw out their drive thru trash in broad daylight with us right behind them. A bag with miscellaneous cups, wrappers, straws and napkins. Not impressed much.
DANC177 - Ontario


30 december 2023

625 CAG - British Columbia

Sunset Beach

29 december 2023

The driver was throwing trash out his driver side window
155MJT - British Columbia


23 december 2023

the passe
CTFS912 - Ontario


21 december 2023

CZCW 714 - Ontario


21 december 2023

Through cigarette out window
LSA 492 - Alberta

Harrison hot springs

20 december 2023

Driver throwing beer can out the driver side window. Followed to where he parked and told him not to litter and he laughed.
VS2789 - British Columbia


20 december 2023

Driver threw lit cigarette butt out window
KTF 201 - Manitoba


18 december 2023

I manage this property, I pick up the litter every morning. EVERY SINGLE DAY, this guy parks and drops 3-6 plastic cigar filters and the plastic wrap from each one. While he watches me pick them up!
DRE 500 - Nova Scotia


16 december 2023

The driver threw a piece of paper/wrapper out the driver-side window.
PH079K - British Columbia

Port Elgin

15 december 2023

Man threw paper/crumpled tissue out window while stopped at an intersection
CBDE659 - Ontario


15 december 2023

BW23053 - Ontario

Port Coquitlam

14 december 2023

RP942N - British Columbia

Gabriola island

8 december 2023

Driver of vehicle rolled down window and tossed lit cigarette but out window on to North Rd
PN2135 - British Columbia


6 december 2023

Driver tossed cigarette butt out the window while stopped.
768 LVM - British Columbia


2 december 2023

Driver was tailgating constantly and not maintaining distance even with baby on board sign. Kept driving extremely aggressively and kept braking in front of us. Then threw a bottle of water a our car that hit the road and was left littered on the highway.
RP218N - British Columbia


2 december 2023

Driver threw out brown fruit remains (visible in bottom left corner of attached photo) whilst stopped at stop light
CWHB357 - Ontario


29 november 2023

The guy showed me a middle finger when I honk on him
JB552S - British Columbia


28 november 2023

Dark blue car driver threw out a cup due to road rage through the passenger window at my car while driving onto the henday
BFJ 7436 - Alberta


28 november 2023

Suddenly had an object come flying out the passenger side, of pictured vehicle, towards our vehicle. There were no vehicle in front of this truck at the time if incident
RP9329 - British Columbia


27 november 2023

The driver in front of me pulled down his window and throw out two large paper balls.
NE9 88A - British Columbia


27 november 2023

BKR 9812 - Alberta

Grande Prairie

24 november 2023

not sure
DC990J - British Columbia


22 november 2023

Driver was sitting on side of road facing Salmon Arm threw garbage out and then pulled onto highway in front of on coming semi truck blowing their horn and giving him the finger
PA234B - British Columbia

Star City

22 november 2023

Lots of Tim Hortons garbage thrown carelessly out of the front passenger window. Terrible!
460 NEA - Saskatchewan

turner valley

16 november 2023

Threw multiple lit cigarette butts out drivers window
BZC-3378 - Alberta


16 november 2023

I was waiting at the traffic light in the left turn lane with the Mazda 3 in front of me, they proceeded to roll down their window and throw a small piece of paper out their window onto the concrete median.
BWHW-425 - Ontario


15 november 2023

Energy Drink Monsters
CVCJ713 - Ontario

New Westminster

14 november 2023

Driver threw an apple out the window.
SW7 15E - British Columbia


13 november 2023

Police car pulled over a vechile when i moved over to pass the white suv behind me drive by fast an tossed a box of french fries out of window all over rd. Then turn north on Courtice Rd toward Courtice High School
YUSUF MK - Ontario


10 november 2023

FFM450 - Nova Scotia


6 november 2023

not sure
BBV-0016 - Alberta

Sherwood Park

2 november 2023

Driving rudely then threw a can and garbage out his window in a drive through even though there was a garbage can close by
BFV-7242 - Alberta


31 october 2023

Threw butt out window while driving
BKJ 7095 - Alberta


31 october 2023

Was driving behind this car, driver was smoking with window open, when finished, just threw cigarette butt out onto road
CYHY 988 - Ontario


23 october 2023

The car was driving on the HOV lane and we were driving behind them. All of a sudden an inflated clear plastic bag was thrown out of the window and it hit the front grill of our car. My wife was driving and she got really scared until we found out that the bag was empty.
NG968C - British Columbia
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