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4099 Reports to date
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4099 Reports to date
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29 march 2023

Cigarette butt tossed from driver side window.
DBU 666 - Alberta


2 april 2023

Dropped Starbucks cup on floor before getting into truck
CMN1984 - Alberta


31 march 2023

Saw man throw handfull of trash out drivers side window.
BN 52887 - Ontario


30 march 2023

Driver and passenger both threw trash out of the window multiple times. Bags of fast food garbage and what looked like tissues.
KM059K - British Columbia


30 march 2023

FT2654 ORET2654 - British Columbia


27 march 2023

I was sitting in my car w my kids and saw then eat their wendys and throw all their garbage out the door . Drove up to them to tell them to pick it up but they fully ignored me.
HH2 95B - British Columbia


27 march 2023

Cigarette discarded from drivers side window onto ground
HT9 82N - British Columbia

Harvey Station

25 march 2023

JNX481 - New Brunswick


19 march 2023

Subaru outback
CDF3038 - Alberta


18 march 2023

Guy pulled over and put his McDonald's trash just outside his driver door and drove off
HUC391 - Nova Scotia

North York

15 march 2023

I couldn't tell the make of the SUV, but I think it's a Jeep. Please see attached video. The passenger throw a white plastic cup at 0:13 seconds of the video.
CEAZ 137 - Ontario

North York

15 march 2023

I couldn't tell the make of the SUV, but I think it's a Jeep. Please see attached video. The passenger throw a white plastic cup at 0:14 seconds of the video.
CEAZ 137 - Ontario


15 march 2023

Watched somebody throw out multiple wrappers and a nacho plate out of the window while crossing the bridge in Southampton, Ontario Full arm out the window to throw it without a care in the world
BWZK685 - Ontario


15 march 2023

Someone from the truck just thew bottle and another trash to the island of the highway
BT12752 - Ontario


14 march 2023

they threw out both a cup AND plastic bag! justice must be served!!!!!!
AAD 450 - Alberta


9 march 2023

I saw this lady throw cigarettes and various garbage out of her car window while she was parked outside of Eastview Park. All the garbage she threw out is still there. She told me to fuck off when I asked her why she was littering.
BE10121 - Ontario


9 march 2023

The Driver then smeared whatever it what he was dumping on our private property and then drove off.
CVX760 - Ontario


6 march 2023

The driver just opened his window and threw out the orange peel.
CKRH 038 - Ontario

St thomas

5 march 2023

Multiple bottles thrown from driver's window.
349 - Ontario


4 march 2023

Just dump garbage on my sight. It is posted no garbage.
CFAW-874 - Ontario


1 march 2023

Driver tossed a live cigarette butt.
AD1 73R - British Columbia


27 february 2023

SL634V - British Columbia


26 february 2023

Driver threw out banana peel into the middle of the street
CJPW 357 - Ontario


22 february 2023

man in aqua/teal jacket.
RD745S - British Columbia


19 february 2023

Person was driving and threw away clear plastic wrapping out of the driver side window
SX811M - British Columbia


18 february 2023

An Asian young male driver left garbage on the parking lot.
PV036D - British Columbia

Port Coquitlam

15 february 2023

Threw food packaging out window and almost hit a pedestrian.
B942K - British Columbia


14 february 2023

Passenger just kept throwing plastic garbage out of window.
KLM 714 - Manitoba


13 february 2023

Driver threw cigarette butt out of window after turning off of trans-canada highway and before merging onto nanaimo parkway
KL 5607 - British Columbia


9 february 2023

I was getting into my car in the parking lot of Makisu Sushi in Lethbridge Alberta and watched the female driver and female passenger of the vehicle enter the car with food from the Subway Restaurant in the adjacent parking lot. A few moment later I watched the female driver toss a blue Ruffles Chip bag out of her window as she pulled out of the parking spot.
CHK 7650 - Alberta


8 february 2023

Person littered twice
GRZ412 - Nova Scotia


5 february 2023

not sure
CSRZ 760 - Ontario


29 january 2023

The back of his van was FULL of black garbage bags and he just dumped all of it right into the ravine nearby... TRASH HUMAN!
303 SLM - British Columbia


27 january 2023

The person who littered (passenger) tossed a cup out of the window while in a McDonald's drive-through. The location of the McDonalds was 10240 King George Boulevard. The incident occurred around 6:10 PM on Friday, January 27th. The person did not get out of their car and pick up the item. The vehicle was a black Mercedes with the license plate number SN921N
SN921N - British Columbia


27 january 2023

The driver threw a cigarette butt and spit outside his window.
521 XGG - British Columbia


24 january 2023

Threw out cigarrete butts and closed window
BZJC781 - Ontario

Vancouver UBC

22 january 2023

Someone keeps throwing trash out of the window of the rear passenger side of the car all along westbrook mall.
NP5-59L - British Columbia


21 january 2023

Two bottles thrown out
G8 4378 - British Columbia


21 january 2023

Passenger threw an entire Tim Hortons tray with 4 cups in it at the 401 on ramp at Mavis.
CXBA 052 - Ontario


16 january 2023

This driver was ahead of me and threw out a burning cigarette onto the road. This happened at 6:28 pm on 52nd street, and the vehicle was at the 4 way intersection with a shoppers.
SV8 66A - British Columbia


14 january 2023

Threw cup holder and chips packter from moving vehicle after exit for downtown from pont Champlain.
G55FJA - Quebec

New Westminster

13 january 2023

The picture was actually taken in Surrey at the intersection of King George Blvd and 128 St. from my dashcam to show the vehicle model and license plate. The incident happened at Stewardson Way merging into Marine Way but couldn't find a clear image. Driver tossed a live cigarette butt making sparks.
420 HWK - British Columbia


31 december 2022

This happened on the 2023-01-07 at 15:03:00, but the dates in the dropdown only go up to the end of 2022. The first half of the video is for vehicle identification. The second half of the video shows the offence.
SH975B - British Columbia


7 december 2022

Driver stopper how cigarette but
CPXN 955 - Ontario


31 december 2022

The incident happened on January 6th of 2023 but the drop down menu didn't have 2023 yet
374 BKT - British Columbia


31 december 2022

January 6, 2023 @ 5:15 PM @ the Chick-Fila-A reserved for pick up parking spots (right next to a trash!!)
CVFE205 - Ontario


22 december 2022

Driver in a McDonald's drive through before taking ordered food, throw empty coffee cup from window.
JS INSUR - Ontario


16 december 2022

It was done at the Walmart parking lot in Kamloops BC
MG7 32H - British Columbia

Bragg Creek

15 december 2022

Threw a printer into a privet Paper Recycling bin.
CMM6689 - Alberta


14 december 2022

Driver dangerously cut me off. I honked and the driver decided to throw what seems to be a paper cup.
LK 7620 - British Columbia
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